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Add3SHOP partnered with Magical Brands to build overall brand awareness and convert prospects into customers with an Add to Cart strategy.


Magical Brands

The Magic in Add to Cart Objectives

Magical Brands is the #1 brand in the DIY cannabis edibles market. The Magical Butter MB2e device is the world’s first countertop botanical extractor, designed for infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butters, oils, lotions, and more. Magical Brands looked to Add3SHOP for help to communicate more aggressively with potential customers and convert them.

magical brands case study

Add3SHOP started by utilizing higher funnel events for optimizations in Prospecting campaigns. Upon the initial engagement of Magical Brands’ audience, Add3SHOP implemented strategies to move prospects through the sales funnel which then helped improve bottom of funnel Retargeting efforts.

Add3SHOP looked at the specific Add to Cart (ATC) objective launch dates in the set Prospecting campaigns. Using learned data, they compared that to Retargeting performance six weeks before and six weeks after the objective was launched in each market.

Across all markets, there was an increase in Retargeting ROAS in the six weeks after the launch of the ATC objective in the Prospecting campaign. Apart from Australia, the conversion rate was also positively affected by using these strategies. While utilizing the purchase objective may drive a more immediate positive ROAS for their Prospecting campaigns, the pool of lowest cost/highest value customers would decrease over time. Add3SHOP went after ATC for a more sustainable approach that fueled better Retargeting results.

Market-defining results

Add3SHOP implemented Add to Cart strategies resulting in a sustainable approach that rocketed retargeting results.

Increased Average ROAS

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