Snapchat for eCommerce Brands

Written By: Ashley Royalty and Neal Yurick


Snapchat for eCommerce

Snapchat is a powerful but often overlooked platform for brand awareness and audience growth. Its dedicated users collectively share over 4 billion short video “Stories” of their lives every day. Backed by this high level of engagement, it won’t be long before more marketers discover Snapchat’s ability to drive conversions and boost ROI quickly and directly, scaling audience reach to hundreds of millions of users.

Snapchat by the Numbers:

  • 249 million daily active users
  • 4 billion Snaps sent daily
  • 30 app opens daily
  • 30+ minutes spent across the app
  • 82% of users are 18+; 51 percent are 25+
  • 65% of Snapchatters prefer to shop online

By using interest and Pixel targeting, advertisers can target specific messages to custom-targeted audiences. Snapchat’s full-screen commerce ads, advanced targeting and event bidding nurture direct responses from a brand-optimized audience. After reviewing performance, Snap Pixel and goal-based bidding provide you with additional ways to fine tune your spend. Connect with Add3SHOP to hear about how we generate a new, unexpected revenue source of marketing success using Snapchat.

Snapchat Advertising 101

Snapchat’s advertising platform contains diverse content options, demographic customization and varying formats. By choosing from a variety of ad types, marketers can optimize their campaigns to meet the goals of driving sales, app downloads or new customer engagements. 

Snapchat Ad Types

  • Single Image or Video Ads are full screen ads that can be customized by loading an attachment which allows users to “swipe up and take action.”
  • Collection Ads allow e-commerce advertisers to showcase a variety of products with four tappable tiles.
  • Story Ads provide a series of 3-20 images or video ads to craft a narrative around an upcoming event or new product offering.
  • AR Lens have two types available for Snapchatter. Face lenses transform the appearance of a Snapchatter’s face and/or voice. World lenses use the rear-facing camera, and detect and map the nearby environment to create AR experiences, including 3D objects and characters.
  • Shoppable Lens (New) connect to a brand’s catalog and certain items can be interacted with via AR. From there, the Snapchatter can click on the product, which will then link them to the PDP to allow a seamless transition and checkout experience after “playing” with the product.

Snapchat also makes prominent use of Snapchat Lenses which leverage augmented reality graphics to provide users with vivid backgrounds or virtual face enhancements – cat whiskers, funky hats, sunglasses and more – allowing both the advertiser and user to interact in creative new ways to drive awareness and education.

Commercials appear within Snapchat’s curated content and are non-skippable for six seconds. If you can hook your audience early, and you can share a message that’s up to three minutes long!

Provide custom filters on Snapchat to allow your loyal Snapchatters to add branded artistic style to their Snaps. Your message can appear as an overlay perfect for event promotion.

Unlocking User Experience

Snapchat offers a way of measuring the cross-device impact of your e-commerce campaign with the Snap Pixel. Powered by JavaScript code, the Snap Pixel shares information with your team about how users come to your website or landing page upon viewing a Snap Ad—perfect for meeting direct response goals (leads, product sales, subscriptions).

Making the Most of Snapchat Data

There are three main sources of data that allow you to target and track ad success with Snapchat: company data, Snapchat data, and third-party data. Curious about how to make the most of your data sources? Contact us and we’ll help you optimize your data in Snapchat.

Company Data

Your company can front-load already existing data into the Snapchat ad system. For example, with Snap Audience Match, you can upload your email address list and target those already on Snapchat or similar audiences.


Snapchat offers a huge range of category-targeting choices including gender, age, device type, location, lifestyle category.

Third-Party Data

Sources include: DLX Shopper Categories (based on past purchases), DLX Advanced Demographics (education level, household income, etc.), ComScore (TV and film viewers) and PlaceIQ (location).

Getting Started with Snapchat

Powered by story-based ads, Snapchat speaks to an exclusive audience in a unique and compelling way. By inexpensively connecting with hundreds of millions of engaged e-commerce users, Snapchat provides the best ROI for many brands.

Add3SHOP will help navigate Snapchat’s wide array of options to set up a campaign that is customized to meet your goals. Get started with Snapchat today to maximize the cost-savings benefits of advertising on a platform that’s still for the moment underused.

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IT Cosmetics Case Study

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Privé Revaux Case Study

With rapid growth goals, Privé Revaux partnered with Add3 and recorded net sales of $20 million in 2019, a 90% increase compared to 2018 while expanding their digital reach exponentially.


Nuun Case Study

Nuun partnered with Add3 to increase sales and implement best practices across social channels which resulted in a 3200% increase in revenue, and a 275% increase in new sessions YoY.

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