SEO & SEM Services – Portland & Seattle

Search Engine Marketing

The Add3 team works closely with clients to develop effective SEM strategies utilizing best practices and proprietary paid search engine marketing methodology. That last sentence made you sleepy, so here’s what we really do: create, exactly, the best online ad campaigns humanly possible. And if your company is already running ad campaigns, and they suck, and we’ll bet you they do, then we’ll fix them. And here comes more customers. And more money.

Our Approach to Paid Search Marketing…

…is not like their approach to paid search marketing. We’ve developed a proprietary system that allows us to see exactly where opportunities are hiding, where precious marketing dollars are being wasted, and how to craft a long-term plan that delivers results.

Your campaigns will have the brightest search minds guiding strategy and bid management with the support of industry-leading advertising management platforms if we agree it is appropriate.

We are results focused. CPA is in our DNA. We can’t sleep until we deliver conversions at your target cost per acquisition – at volumes higher than you expected.

Let Us Tell Google Your Story

Search Engine Optimization

Google updates their search algorithm over 500 times a year, so, literally, SEO best practices evolve daily. A site that was optimized full-sail a year ago, today is taking on water. With the release of Hummingbird, keyword-focused websites are losing ground to customer-focused sites.

More than ever, SEO is about demystifying your online customers, presenting them with usable information, and answering their potential questions before they even think of them. We do that.

And what about local search, link earning, video optimization, mobile, image search, schema markup, social channel utilization, etc etc? Yeah, we do all that too.

This is why our SEO team is chest deep, day and night, in the world of SEO, keeping our clients one step ahead of the competition.

Our SEO team will perform a 10-meter synchronized dive on your target keywords, your site, and the competition, and surface with a rock-solid plan to ensure your site is perfectly aligned with both your customers and the search engines.

We Understand the Digital Advertising Eco-system

Media Buying

While the internet may seem limitless, search is, in fact, finite.  Undoubtedly paid search will drive your lowest CPAs, but there will come a time when you need to go beyond search. Enter display marketing.

A successful display campaign involves a number of factors that all must be handled with skill. We first need to have a crystal-clear understanding of your target audience, your cost per acquisition goals and your monthly budget. Ideally we know most of these already because we are buying your search and the display buy simply becomes a well-educated extension of search.

Once we know the targets we will strategize and present the plan to you. When we are all agreed on the plan the fun begins. A good portion of the buys will be done through self serve systems in a bidded environment. We have all the tools and relationships to do this. If the plan requires direct buys with publishers we will negotiate aggressively to get the lowest rates and quickest out-clauses possible. We never set it and forget it. We’re addicted to fast and aggressive optimization.

Now the fun and work begins. We set the campaign live and get to work.  We pull granular reports and optimize with these on a daily basis. We are always conducting creative A/B tests as well as landing page optimizations. We treat your business and your campaign as if it were a family business. No wasting money. No lazy spending. We love buying display advertising and all the challenge that comes along with it.