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Add3: Voted One of Washington’s Best Workplaces by Puget Sound Business Journal

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Add3 is the fastest growing Inc 5000 agency amongst our peers

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Paul Uhlir

Paul Uhlir


Paul Uhlir is the CEO of Add3. He loves digital marketing, Arsenal and his family in the reverse order. A salesman at heart, he has been building agencies and having fun doing it for the last 8 years.

Articles by Paul

4 Things You Should Expect (Demand) From Your Digital Marketing Agency

Six years ago a client said something very hard-hitting to me. He said, “Paul, you are our agency, you should not have let us do that.” This simple sentence opened up an entire line of thinking and analysis for me. What exactly is the role of the Digital Marketing Agency? What can, and should, the client expect from this partnership? Where does the role of the agency end and transition... Read more »

Three Reasons Face to Face Meetings are Crucial (Guns N’ Roses are on tour & so am I)

Last week I was lucky enough to meet in-person with three of our amazing clients on a West Coast swing. I came away from each meeting thinking two things: 1) “Wow, that was a great meeting, I learned a ton” and 2) “No matter what excuses pop up, I have to do way more face to face meetings”. These meetings coincided with my boys in Guns N Roses announcing a... Read more »

Add3: 7th Largest Agency in Seattle

Last year we learned that Add3 was the 9th largest agency in the Puget Sound region in 2013 as ranked by the Puget Sound Business Journal. This week we found out that Add3 has now become the 7th largest agency! This ranking is based on top line revenue. What stood out most to me in the report is the age of our agency versus all of those above us. We... Read more »

3 reasons you're going to get fired by that client and how Ozzy Osbourne would handle it

What Ozzy Would Do To Avoid Getting Fired by a Client

I published a new post on LinkedIn “3 Reasons Your Client is Going to Fire You and How Ozzy Would Fix it” I’d love it if you’d check it out and like it and leave a comment. Here’s a little taste of the post – click over to LinkedIn for the whole thing. “The other day I found myself watching Ozzy rock the tune Crazy Train (see below) with Randy Rhodes crushing the guitar. Total... Read more »

Advice I’d Give Myself 5 Years Ago

I wanted to let our readers know that I published a post over on LinkedIn. “Marshawn Lynch and Advice I Would Give Myself 5 Years Ago“. The post was originally titled “Advice I’d Give Myself 5 Years Ago: 3 Things I’d Change, 2 I Wouldn’t, and Marshawn Lynch.” But that was way too long.  🙂 Here’s a little excerpt from my post – one of the things that I wouldn’t change: “We... Read more »

Brian Rauschenbach

Brian Rauschenbach


Brian is the co-founder and President of Add3. Brian might be “The Most Interesting Man in Digital Marketing”. He is our left-handed, break-dancing, DJ. He loves his football club, Arsenal FC, air-cooled Volkswagen’s and vinyl records. He got a degree in Chemistry but never wanted to be a Chemist. To top it all off, Brian is an absolute veteran of the search and digital marketing industries, starting his career in 1996. Brian is also co-founder of NWIAG and the Seattle Interactive Conference, further proof of Brian’s commitment to the digital marketing industry.

Articles by Brian

Magento Commerce SEO: A Primer

Magento is a widely used open-source content management system and commerce platform for businesses ranging in scope from major retailers to small-and-medium businesses selling things online for the first time.  No matter the size of your business, if you’re using or considering Magento Commerce, there are a series of benefits and challenges with the platform related to SEO and other considerations.  We are pleased to offer this primer to help... Read more »

Tim Wisner

Tim Wisner


Tim is a co-founder and COO of Add3. With over 15 years of experience, he’s watched as the industry has changed colors numerous times. Outside of Add3, Tim’s passions include auto racing, ping pong, traveling, and very tasty FOOD.

Articles by Tim

5 Questions That Will Help You Determine Where You Should Put Your Digital Marketing Dollars

Marketing is always evolving, but in the past decade, digital marketing has taken that evolution and increased the options exponentially. The digital realm changes on an almost daily basis, offering new platforms and new tools to take advantage of those platforms as well as new audiences and new ways to understand, segment, and target those audiences. Developing digital marketing campaigns is a process that requires not only attentiveness, but understanding... Read more »

5 Tips for Getting a Job at a Digital Marketing Agency

As the person responsible for keeping Add3’s walls bursting with the most awesome people in the digital marketing world I get a LOT of inquiries from folks who would like to join our team. Unfortunately we can’t hire everyone that wants to work for us, which means I have to be very selective (I received over 100 resumes for the last SEM Account Manager role we had open!). People often ask... Read more »