Amazon DSP

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Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP) allows you to go beyond search-based advertising and can increase your brand awareness on and off Amazon. With access to Amazon’s exclusive purchasing database, our team’s expert programmatic buying can help you reach potential qualified customers with minimal ad waste.

Amazon Display Advertising

What We Do

At Add3, we provide tailored Amazon DSP campaigns that align with your sales and marketing goals. We cut the red tape, remove budget minimums, and decrease the number of creative and review limitations. Our team focuses on driving the most value for your business and giving individualized attention to your DSP campaigns.

How We Do It

We have our own seat on the platform. Our DSP specialists use a proprietary ad optimization and reporting tool that helps scale client ad performance while preserving individualized attention to detail. We use our access to cut into the DSP platform and build a customized campaign specific to your brand.

Our Expertise

At Add3, we have extensive in-house expertise, direct from the Amazon teams who managed and worked on the DSP platform internally. Our close connections allow us to stay up-to-date on the latest ad optimization methods and technologies to drive the most return on your spend.

Who we work with

Add3 is proud to work with a diverse set of clients from a variety of industries.

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