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How we boosted outdoor research’s sales 268% in just one year


If you’re from the Pacific Northwest, like us, you probably understand the occasional need to escape stuffy city life for a quick adventure into the wild. You also most likely know how the quality of your gear can either make or break the trip. So, with the surplus of outdoor apparel brands out there, Outdoor Research (OR) aimed to stand out from the pack and get the message out about their award-winning, high-quality gear.  

That’s where Add3 came in.

The Challenge

Before our team took over the digital marketing efforts, the accounts were just getting off the ground and managed internally by a small team. We were able to identify the issues with the accounts in tracking, spend, and campaigns that weren’t fully built out. Our world class team jumped in to make improvements right away.

Outdoor Research’s main goal in seeking our help was to grow their own sales aggressively, while maximizing the efficiency of their budget. Since OR partners with many well known outdoor retailers to sell their products, we had to find a way to boost their unique brand identity without impacting their relationships with retail partners.

A big ask, no doubt. But they’d brought in the experts, the Add3 crew.


The first step was to revamp and re-structure their accounts. In order to make strategic decisions, the analytics account and tracking needs to be set up strategically and implemented properly ensure accuracy. We immediately did the work to get tracking on point and then went on to attack the next problem.

It’s great to work with a trusted brand in the outdoor community. We expected improved efficiency after campaign restructuring and expansion but, the volume we are capturing exceeded our expectations!

– Victoria
Add3 Account Director

So – let’s go back to the main goal – to increase OR’s sales. In order to achieve this, we had to reach more potential clients and drive direct response. How did we do this?  We improved ad visibility in search engines and made the most efficient use of the budget by growing their digital search within the branded space. We restructured, expanded, and grew brand campaigns focused on different brand keywords. No longer were their keywords simply exact brand, but now there was also a much more diverse array that included other identifiers, like their award-winning collections. We identified volumes of traffic that were previously un-tapped and jumped in with campaigns to capture that pre-qualified search traffic.

“It’s great to work with a trusted brand in the outdoor community. We expected improved efficiency after campaign restructuring and expansion but the volume we are capturing exceeded our expectations!” said Victoria, our team’s SEM Account Director.

Our next step was to run various tests for them on different platforms. We launched new accounts and campaigns on Amazon Sponsored Products and helped them set up and build out re-marketing programs. Amazon has loads of shoppers with their credit cards out, ready to purchase. OR hadn’t previously built shopping campaigns on this retail giant’s site, so, of course, we had to get them set up. While efficiently managing their budget for these pioneered projects, we built out the ads and ran the tests. Both tests were successful and showed the company its business potential on those platforms.

As an agency, we swear by transparency. We focus on giving the client all the knowledge of the best practices. By running these tests, we gave Outdoor Research the tools to run their campaigns through various programs and understand the potential of each one for their company. This enabled the company to make informed decisions on how they should set and allocate their budget, grow their digital marketing program, and finally the bottom line.

The Results

Ultimately, we saw a ton of growth. From 2015 to 2016, transactions increased 268%. More than double! Conversion rates also increased 55% with a negligible increase in costs per conversion, which was pretty unbelievable. We managed to achieve an overall huge growth in sales without affecting their relationship with retailers and losing company money by undercutting with promos. After just one year, we had met and exceeded OR’s aggressive sales goal. Now that they know their potential with our help, we look forward to taking on their next, even more ambitious business goal.

268%Increased Transactions
Increased Conversion Rate
X2Doubled Online Sales

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