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This popular chain is a staple restaurant for most American families that offers a relaxed, open atmosphere with a captivating twist on family dining. Here at Add3, we each have our own set of fond memories there, so we recognize that what the restaurant brings to the table goes beyond the delicious food. The value is in the whole experience.

While most may have thought, “when your business has been around so long, and it’s still enormously popular and successful – what more do you need?”

We thought, “Add3,” because when it comes to implementing your new vision for the business in the most transparent, agile and collaborative way possible – we’ve got your back. In today’s market, we see that long standing brands are faced with the growing need to stay fresh and flexible. Our team of creative problem solvers is familiar with leveraging our industry knowledge in order to find out-of-the-box ways of reaching new audiences at low costs.

As Chris, our Paid Social Account Manager, said, “The client was attracted to our multi-channel approach to reaching current, lapsed, and prospective customers, as well as our flexibility and lightning-fast turnaround time.”

The Challenge

Sales at chain restaurants have been on the decline in recent years, so the client wanted to find a way to use digital channels to drive sales and reach users beyond their loyal customer base. With this new vision for the business came new initiatives for the allocation of the budget. Initially, they came to us with a detailed and comprehensive plan of exactly what they wanted for their business and how much they intended to spend on each goal.

Their main objectives were to generate traffic: in-store visits, online orders, and catering orders and to increase brand awareness, specifically for their new food philosophy. The client wanted to separate their brand identity from the mainstream perception of chain restaurant food as stale and processed. Instead promoting their fresh, high quality cuisine that can be enjoyed in-restaurant or on the go.

They’d given us direction. Now it was time to build upon their vision and, true to the Add3 way, seek creative opportunities for further growth. AKA take them to a whole ‘nother level.


The first thing we did was localize the restaurant location pages with our incredible Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team. Using their expertise in page localization to ensure pinpointed and relevant search results for users, they strategically elevated the location pages on google through deep analysis and optimizations. As a result, people were able to find their local restaurant with absolute ease. We partnered with their in-house developers to construct the pages so that the restaurant’s site would saturate the search pages, allowing customers to find them organically.

The client was attracted to our multi-channel approach to reaching current, lapsed, and prospective customers, as well as our flexibility and lightning-fast turnaround time.

– Chris
Add3 Paid Social Account Manager

We also provided strategic UX/UI recommendations by determining areas with room for improvement and re-imagining those parts of the site. To promote their catering service and increase conversions and bookings, we transformed an overcrowded menu page into an engaging ordering experience. We restructured the page, clearly presented the variety of catering offerings, added CTAs, and included space for promotional content.

Now, we had to address the need to create an overall more user-friendly site. The client used our ideas to revamp their site to feature their services, high quality food images, CTAs, special packages, and a guide with tips for ordering for large groups. They also moved into a mobile first approach for their website improvements.

The next step was to focus our digital efforts on spreading awareness of their farm fresh ingredients, home made dishes, and the variety of flavors that set them apart from their competitors. We encouraged the client to heavily focus on video assets, which we’ve utilized on various social channels to increase awareness of their brand and food philosophy.

This strategy has effectively increased brand lift and the focus on video assets has enabled us to reach new customers, segment them by their familiarity with the brand, and remarket to them with lower-funnel calls to action (online orders, in-restaurant offers, etc). As a way to highlight the brand’s newly adopted food philosophy, we encouraged the use of bite-sized videos to effectively communicate the company’s new vision. We found that by producing this ad type, the client would be able to achieve significant lift with much higher engagement while keeping costs down.

Once this plan was put into action, we tested various lengths of the videos on social channels and optimized accordingly. If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine what can be communicated with tantalizing clips that embody a foodie’s fantasy. This idea lead to a level of growth that surpassed even the client’s most ambitious aspirations.

The Results

All in all, our strategy has proven to be outstandingly successful. Our direction to leverage video assets has enabled the client to capitalize on their digital resources in order to gain a higher rate of return. We also have been effectively pushing video views for a fraction of a penny and driving acquisition costs down through remarketing and the discovery of new audiences. With our integrated digital marketing model, the company was able to captivate new audiences and communicate the full-flavored flare of their food and brand identity.  

Since we took on the client, new visitors have increased by 32.92%, visitors have been bouncing less (-6.8%), meaning staying to enjoy the content. Moreover, they’ve been navigating to more pages (+31.95%) and staying on the site longer (+45.25%).

Reservations have also seen a rise of 42% year over year and reservation conversion rates have improved 25%. Last, but certainly not least, online orders, too, have increased a whopping 182.52% year over year!

Although we have seen so much success, the work is still not done. Digital marketing is an ongoing, ever-changing practice, and we look forward to keeping this chain on top with our continual adaptive approach.

39.2%More Visitors
Increased Reservations YoY
182.52%Online Sales YoY

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