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Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing & User Acquisition

Are you a mobile business, or looking to become a mobile marketing machine? Add3 provides end-to-end services for mobile marketers. Whether you’re looking to grow installs, drive in-app actions, or engage your existing users, Add3’s approach to mobile marketing is summarized in 3 steps:

What We Do:

1) Mobile technology consulting that aligns with your goals, helping to fill gaps and build smarter apps.

2) User acquisition through Add3’s Partner-Direct Portal, integrated with TUNE, AppsFlyer, Kochava, and Adjust.

3) Re-engage users time-and-time again, increasing lifetime value and monetization of your user acquisition campaigns.

How We Do It:

Here’s how Add3 maximizes your user acquisition dollars:

1) In-house management of Add3’s DSP; Google placements; paid social channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

2) Direct relationships with top publishers

3) Mobile Ad Network partnerships

Who We Work With:

Add3 is Partner-Direct! After driving more than 1,000,000 installs for client apps in verticals like e-commerce, entertainment, music, games, transportation, finance, business and productivity, Add3 realized that our clients need a single quality source to acquire quality customers. Add3 is that answer.

Add3 works on Retainer, CPM, CPC, CPI or CPA models, helping you achieve your goals.