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3 reasons you're going to get fired by that client and how Ozzy Osbourne would handle it

I published a new post on LinkedIn “3 Reasons Your Client is Going to Fire You and How Ozzy Would Fix it” I’d love it if you’d check it out and like it and leave a comment.

Here’s a little taste of the post – click over to LinkedIn for the whole thing.

“The other day I found myself watching Ozzy rock the tune Crazy Train (see below) with Randy Rhodes crushing the guitar. Total magic. Dirt Rock at its finest. I knew then that I had to include The Blizzard of Ozz somehow in my next post. Done. Now let me tell you the 3 reasons that your client is about to fire you and how Ozzy and I would avoid it.

Here’s the 3 reasons – but you’ll have to read the post on LinkedIn to see how Ozzy would handle each of these

  • Changing of the guard
  • You are lost in the weeds
  • You let the client do something they should not have done

Read the full post on LinkedIn

Here’s that video of Crazy Train with Ozzy Osbourne w/ Randy Rhodes (R.I.P.) absolutely crushing on the guitar.

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