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Content marketing through a company blog is one of the most talked about, yet misused strategies out there. The practice is an important part of SEO, because the latest search algorithms reward constant fresh information that is useful and sharable.

It’s easy to waste your money on content marketing initiatives—targeting the wrong people, failing to draw interest, and writing pieces that are soon irrelevant, for example. Use the links and resources below to make “content is king,” your mantra, rather than a hollow cliché.

Identifying Your Target Audience

Your content can be broadly appealing, but you can’t hit everyone with every piece. The goal is to rank in search engines for different long-tail terms that are relevant to your industry. You want to talk to people near the top of your sales funnel—someone who has a problem indirectly related to your solution. If you’re selling loans, talk to people who need help saving money in general, for instance. Use these resources to identify your audience: – How to Define Your Target Market

• Copyblogger – 4 Proven Strategies For Finding a Wider Audience for Your Content

Continuous Topic Generation


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Having a strong editorial calendar in place is the key to keeping a consistent readership and prospect list. Remember, this isn’t content for content’s sake, it’s content strategy. If your product or service isn’t complex enough to write many deep articles, keep things more general so you don’t run out. Remember that while you want good blog content, you should be careful not to give it all away up front. Use these resources to generate years of content:

• HubSpot – Blog Topic Generator

• Add3 – 5 Scalable Tips for Thin Content

Attention Grabbing Headlines

Whether it’s in the SERP or an aggregator site, your headline needs to be catchy and clickable. These guides show different ways to make headlines with your headlines:

• Contently – The Ultimate Guide to Writing Incredible Headlines

• Forbes – Headline Writing Secrets that Will Make You Cry, or at Least Click

Creating Unique & Shareable Content


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The people you’re reaching will be close to the top of your conversion funnel—they’re interested in helpful and unique information on topics that concern them. If you keep providing, they will begin to seek you out for paid services that relate to their interests as well. Be patient—you’ll never catch the fish if you start reeling in before they’ve even got your lure in their mouth.
Use these resources to determine how to create compelling content:

• Content Authority – How to Improve the Shareability of Your Content

• Distilled – 4 Types of Content Every Site Needs

Write with an Outsider’s Perspective

If you’re too close to your product, you’ll end up selling more than starting a conversation—it’s just like going to a party and having someone come up and talk only about themselves. Are you likely to introduce someone like that to your friends? Be an authority, but an impartial one.

With the resources above, you’ll be able to start building an authoritative company blog with rich, evergreen content.


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