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Nearly a quarter of all US consumer’s DON’T have Internet access!?!? When I read this stat aloud at Amplify HQ – the reaction was a predictable “what? where did you read that?”.

Granted, doing what we do, and working with the people we work with – we sometimes forget that not everyone is on the Internet all day every day. If you’re reading this post, then obviously you have Internet access. I’d even go so far as to say that you’re probably on the Internet just about every day. In fact, I would find it hard to believe if anyone in my social and professional circles didn’t have ready access to the Internet. Now, of course there’s my Grandmothers – they don’t use the Internet. My mom has a hard time doing email – but she has a computer both at home (mostly for playing solitaire) and at work.

The demographic data is the most interesting, and unfortunately, the most predictable:

  • Low income households still don’t have access
  • Those with less education don’t have access
  • Boomers & older have less access
  • Dial-up is most popular among “matures”

who doesn’t use the internet?Link to the full study on “Who Doesn’t Use the Internet?”

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Ben Lloyd serves as Principal at Add3 and manages the agency's Portland office.  Ben got his start in SEM way back in 1999 - when there was like, 15 search engines and Google was barely a thing. Prior to Add3, Ben had founded Amplify Interactive in 2003 (which was acquired by Add3 in 2013), and hasn't looked back since. Ben likes lots of stuff like golf, pinball, food(ie), booze/beer/wine - in that order, etc. Mostly - he likes doing that stuff with his friends. Ben is also co-founder of SEMpdx. Connect with Ben on LinkedIn

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