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Even if you aren’t planning on expanding your current online marketing plan to include social media, if you’re a big brand or in charge of a big brand’s marketing offline or online, you should really take 30 minutes to protect that brand’s online social media identity.

Make it a late Friday afternoon project to take thirty minutes to start registering  your brand’s name at various social media outlets.  Here’s a short list to get you started:

That’s only eight to get you started.  Even if you’re not planning on using those social media outlets, register your brand as the display name / user name so no one else can.  This makes it so an impostor can’t register it and start making false claims as an authority of that brand or straight-up slandering your brand, tarnishing its image online.

Here are some examples of well-known brands not spending 30 minutes to register their brand name:

Not planning on using social media as an online marketing tool?  No problem!  Just register the name so no one else can.

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