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Google has been talking about adding a dashboard to their Google+ pages for a long time. Last week, they finally pushed them live. There seem to be two versions of the dashboard: one for pages classified as local businesses and one for all other classifications / non-local pages. The dashboard contains what Google is calling “cards” of data which at this point cannot be rearranged.

Non-Local Google+ Page Dashboard

The non-local version of the dashboard has the basic set of cards that come with both types of dashboards:

  • Page: Shows the cover photo for the page, as well as the number of followers and when the last post was put up.
  • Notifications: Give you the ability to see your recent notifications in one spot. Clicking on this card will bring you to the Notifications tab in the top navigation, which gives slightly more information on these notifications.
  • Managers: Shows the people who can manage the page. Clicking on this card will bring you to the Manager tab in the top navigation which just shows additional managers of the page.
  • Share & Hangout: If you want, you can also share new content or start a hangout from this screen without having to go to your actual page.
Google+ Dashboard - Non-Local Pages

Google+ Dashboard – Non-Local Pages

Local Google+ Page Dashboard

The dashboard for Local pages is definitely a step up from the non-local version. It has the same basic cards as the non-local, as well as three new cards.

  • Driving Directions to Your Business: shows the total number of requests for driving directions to you business. It also shows the percent of requests that came from specific areas / zip codes around your business. The data in this card is from the last 90 days.
  • Top Searches: Shows the top searched terms and the approximate number of times where your business showed up on Google+, Google Maps, and local search during the last 90 days.
  • Insights: Shows the number of views and actions your business received on Google+ and local search for the past seven (7) days.
Google+ Dashboard - Local Overview

Google+ Dashboard – Local Overview

Clicking on the insights card will bring you to the Insights tab in the top navigation, which starts to dig into the details of your Google+ Local page.

  • Views: Default shows the total number of views of the pages posts, local search results, and of the profile for the last 30 days. Using the drop downs, you can filter this information to each of the specific views, as well as decrease the timeframe to the last 7 days.
  • Actions: The default shows the total number of actions performed in regard to your business for the past 30 days. This card also has the ability to filter this data. Options include comments, +1 clicks, new followers, clicks for more info on maps, clicks for your website on maps, driving directions, and shares.
  • Your Posts: Lists the posts you have made on the page, the data they were posted, and the number of views / actions performed with that post.
  • Why Posts Were Viewed: Shows how people heard about your posts as a percentage. So in the example below, 48% of people heard about this pages posts because they’re following the page.
  • Actions by Content Type: Breaks out your content by links, photos, videos, and text / others and then average number of actions per post of those types.
Google+ Dashboard - Local Insights

Google+ Dashboard – Local Insights

Overall Thoughts

The obvious criticism of the dashboards is that the insights card / tab is not available for pages that are classified as non-local. Since the majority of the data in this area is not specific to local page information, it is not clear why this was rolled out in this manner.

Google+ Left Side NavigationWith that aside, the dashboards have promise, but there are several things that I hope will be integrated into them sooner rather than later:

  • More information / clarity on how each post is performing, similar to Facebook’s Insights. Views and actions are fine, but understanding how people are viewing each posts and what types of actions they are performing with the post would help with managing the network better.
  • Along that same line, frequency metrics. How frequently do followers come to the page? How frequently are users performing actions?
  • Demographic information about followers. If you’re like me, you’re still trying to figure out who is on Google+. Having this information could help with determining what types of information /posts will work best for those followers.

Hopefully, these and other metrics we haven’t even thought of, will come to a Google+ Dashboard near you (and me) soon. You can be sure, we’ll keep you updated on their progress.

If you’re wanting to see your dashboard, simply sign into your Google+ account for your page and click on the dashboard icon in the left side navigation. Let us know what you think of the new dashboards in the comments below.

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