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In this post of “Jessica’s Social Media ‘Likes'” – Twitter Mobile Overhaul, Google Analytics Mobile App, and YouTube / Google+ Integration. Get ready to “like!”

Twitter Mobile: Old and New Comparison

Twitter Mobile: Old and New Comparison

Twitter Overhauls Their Mobile Website

Twitter announced yesterday that they completely rebuilt their site from the ground up. They state the process resulted in “a lighter-weight, faster client that looks and feels like and our mobile apps.” Big improvements from the old version:

  • Pages are 63% smaller so they work better on certain networks
  • Sessions are up to 37% smaller
  • 63% fewer requests in some views, like profile pages


16 Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Awesome post from Social Media Examiner. Many people think they know Twitter. They don’t have to look at the way they use it and determine if there are ways to improve. This blog does a great job of reminding us of little things that may help our twitter account to perform better. A few of my favorites:

  • # 1: Organize whom you follow with lists
  • # 6: Create a Twitter landing page
  • #11: Stop following people who don’t tweet
  • #13: Add photos to your tweets
  • #14: Bookmark tweets you want to keep

Choosing How You’re Seen on YouTube

Google announced at the end of June that YouTube and Google+ integration is now available, basically providing you with one Google-wide identity. So what can you do with this integration?

  1. Your Name: Choose to use your full name from your Google+ profile instead of your username.
  2. Review Past Activity: Decide if you want to associate your full name with all your videos, comments, and playlists you’ve EVER posted.
  3. Keep Everything the Same: Don’t want to make changes. Choose to not use your full name.

Check out the full details in their blog announcement.

GA App Dashboard

GA App Dashboard

Data at Your Fingertips: Announcing the Google Analytics App for Android

If you’re like me, you’re reading the headline of this announcement going, “YES! Oh wait, man!! Why not for iPhone too!!” I’ve been waiting for a google analytics app directly from Google for a long time – I think I’ve bought 3 or 4 non-google google analytics apps so far. BUT…maybe this is the first step to getting one for iPhone too. So Droid users, help Google fix the bugs and make an awesome, bug free version for iPhone! =)


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