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In this post of “Jessica’s Social Media ‘Likes'” – New LinkedIn Features, Google+ Facelift, and Uses for Facebook Timeline. Get ready to “like!”

Business Insider: LinkedIn Rolls Out New Targeted Follower Tools For Marketers

LinkedIn Targeted Updates

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LinkedIn is launching two new features for those of you who have people following your company: “Targeted Updates” and “Follower Statistics.”

  • Targeted Updates will give companies the ability to segment their followers by difference demographic information allowing for different status updates to be sent to different segments.
  • Follower Statistics will be an analytic dashboard for your followers.

The new features will only be rolled out to a handful of companies to start, but a networkwide rollout should be coming in the next couple of months.

Toward a Simpler, More Beautiful Google

If you haven’t noticed yet, Google+ had a redesign last week. There are quite a few changes, but below are some of the highlight and you can always check out their announcement post for the rest of the details.

  • New Explore page – gives the ability to see what’s trending on Google+
  • Bigger Photos and Videos
  • New Hangout page – it’s a lot easier to find the hangout you’re looking for now.
  • Flexible Navigation – drag and drop things into the order you want.

As always, Google has created a beautiful video on the changes. Check it out below.

5 Ways Businesses Are Using Facebook Timelines

Wondering how your company should use the new Facebook Timeline format? Social Media Examiner looks at five ways they’ve seen companies using it so far.

  1. 1. Adding Interesting Company Milestones
  2. 2. Incorporate Your Profile Picture Into Your Cover Photo
  3. 3. Tell a Story With Photos
  4. 4. Branding With Apps
  5. 5. Use the About Section to Give a Call to Action


An interesting, new desktop application that streams Twitter and Facebook updates at the bottom of your screen. Not to mention, it’s free.


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