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In this post of “Jessica’s Social Media ‘Likes'” – SearchFest 2012 Social Tracks, Pinterest Tips, Creating Content, and LinkedIn Company Presence. Get ready to “like!”

SearchFest 2012

SearchFest 2012

For those of you who don’t know, SearchFest is Portland, Oregon’s premier search marketing and social media conference. If you didn’t know this, you probably missed it and let me tell you, there were a ton of great presentations on Social Media. Below are the live blogs from Friday’s event:

Also, check out the AWESOME Gigapixel photo that was taken at the event.

25 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest Logo

My top tips from this post:

  • #2: Brands and Pinterest – Facebook integration is only for personal profiles at this time. Brands should connect using Twitter.
  • #8: How to Use Pinterest – Whole Foods is a great example of how to use Pinterest for a brand.
  • #10: Justification for Creating a Presence on Pinterest: I shared this infographic in my previous post, but it really is a good one. Check it out if you haven’t seen it before.
  • #11: Keywords and Hashtags: Using appropriate keywords or even hashtags in the descriptions of your pins can help users find your content. Beware of putting too many hashtags though – it can look spammy.
  • #12: Link Back to Your Own Sites – include links to your website and twitter page on your Pinterest profile. Include specific webpages in the descriptions of your pins.
  • #19: Search for Pins From Your Website or Blog – we use to see the content from our website that has been shared on Pinterest. Replace with your domain to see your own content. NOTE: Make sure to keep the forward slash at the end of the URL or it won’t work.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When you don’t have a Clue [Infographic]

Ryan Campbell, our PPC guy, shared this infographic with the team last week and it’s actually very helpful for Social content as well. Make sure to check it out if you’re having problems coming up with content to post on your social profiles.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content

8 Ways Employees Can Improve Your Company’s LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn Company Stats

In my opinion, the best part of this whole post isn’t even the 8 tips – it’s the first couple paragraphs about the Company Statistics. I know, you’re thinking, “Company Statistics?” Yep, I didn’t know these existed. Makes sense with the amount of data LinkedIn has on their users, but I didn’t know it was so accessible. Check out your company stats on your company LinkedIn page, or check out your competitors stats on their page, by clicking on the “Check out insightful statistics about…” box in the right hand column (see the image on the right).

Now on to the 8 ways to improve the LinkedIn presence of your business:

  • 1. Stop Treating LinkedIn Like a Resume
  • 2. Use the Correct Company Name
  • 3. Fill Out the Important Stuff
  • 4. Add Skills & Expertise
  • 5. Include Customized Links
  • 6. Share Your Content
  • 7. Update Your Company Status
  • 8. Participate on LinkedIn Answers

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