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In this post of “Jessica’s Social Media ‘Likes'” – Pinterest Referral Traffic, Facebook’s Deprecated Metrics, LinkedIn Secure Browsing, and New Google+ Badges. Get ready to “like!”

Pinterest Driving More Referral Traffic Than Google+

  • Shareaholic is showing that referral traffic from Pinterest increased from 2.5% in December to 3.6% in January. Google+, on the other hand, dropped from 0.24% to 0.22%.
  • Pinterest’s US traffic alone is more than 10 million visits and it’s being considered one of the top 10 social networking websites.
  • To learn more about Pinterest’s rise to fame, check out Monetate’s infographic, “Is Pinterest the Next Social Commerce Game Changer?”

Is Pinterest The Next Social Commerce Game Changer

Facebook Deprecating 50+ Page Insights Metrics – Search Engine Watch

  • Great article from Search Engine Watch on some metrics Facebook has gotten rid of or replaced.
  • Changes are only being made to Page Insights so your Facebook apps and domain related metrics will stay the same, at least for now.
  • Biggest gripe about the changes, Facebook didn’t properly notify developers about the change on their developer roadmap. At least they apologized: “We announced this in a number of forums, but failed to outline this change in our Platform Roadmap per our breaking change policy. Our apologies.”
  • For a complete list of the metrics being affected, check out their article.

More Options for Google+ Badges

  • Google has released new badge designs and options for you to promote your Google+ page.
  • Badges can now be configured to fit your website with new width and color theme options.
  • The standard badge now includes a +1 and circle count.
  • Google is also giving advice to people who are on the fence on adding the Google+ badge to their website:
    “We recently looked at top sites using the badge and found that, on average, the badge accounted for an additional 38% of followers.”

A More Secure LinkedIn Browsing Experience

  • LinkedIn announced that they will now provide a secure, https, browsing experience for its users.
  • The feature is currently an “opt in” only feature and can be completed in just a couple of steps.
    1. Go to Settings -> Account -> Manage Security Settings
    2. Check the box and save changes
  • Secure browsing can be turned off by following the same process.

LinkedIn Security Settings

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