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In this post of “Jessica’s Social Media ‘Likes'” – Search Plus Your World, Embedded Tweets, Shareable Content Tips, and Social Editorial Calendars. Get ready to “like!”

SEOmoz: Why Every Marketer Now Needs a Google+ Strategy

Rand Fishkin - Whiteboard +

  • Rank Fishkin shares why he thinks Google is forcing businesses to use Google+.
  • His reasons why you need to have Google+:
        1. Google+ in Search Results
        2. Personalization and Social Results
        3. Increase Google+ Adoption
        4. Richness of snippets / markup
        5. Web Spam and Quality Signals
        6. Biasing to social / Google+ in Search
  • Make sure you view the video on their website for all the details.
  • Also, stay tuned for insights from our very own, Ben Lloyd, later this week.

Embedded Tweets

  • Twitter announces the ability to embed tweets on third-party websites.
  • While the embed link shown in their blog post doesn’t seem to be in the current version of Twitter, the code they show still creates the intended results with some minor tweaks.

5 Ways to Make Your Content Shareable

  • Raven Tools has come out with a lot of great stuff lately, like their free Google Analytics Configuration Tool.
  • In this blog post, they include the following ways to make content shareable:
    • Have the Right Stuff
    • Write a Great Headline
    • Talk About What They’re Already Talking About
    • … And Stop Talking About Yourself
    • Create Conversation on Your Blog
  • If that isn’t reason enough to take a look at the blog, they even include NKOTB’s “Right Stuff” music video. Wow! That brings me back.

How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

  • This post from Search Engine Watch shares some benefits of having a Social Media Editorial Calendar, tools to create them, and the following tips:
    • Have goals
    • Break your calendar out for frequency and timing
    • Have themes for your posts
    • Share the calendar with the rest of the team
    • Take inventory of social trends
    • Social mobile messaging
    • Connect your social and print campaigns

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