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Want Easier Facebook Ad Campaign Reporting and Optimization?

The Secret is in the Naming Conventions!

Determining how to name your Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads in Facebook may seem mundane; however, a thoughtful naming convention can save you time down the line, especially with optimizations and reporting. A good naming structure can convey information may not readily available in your Facebook reports; such as placement, targeting, and creative details.

Start With Your Facebook Campaign Structure

The key to creating a robust naming convention is to have a solid understanding of the how campaigns are structured on Facebook. The campaign structure on Facebook consists of a 3-tier hierarchy. At the top of this hierarchy is the “campaign”, which is intended to establish the advertising objective. Below “campaign” are the “ad sets”. The “ad set” level is where you control the budget, schedule, placement, and decide on the targeting parameters. At the bottom of the hierarchy are “ads”. Within each ad set, you must have at least 1 ad (max: 50 ads per ad set).

example facebook ad campaign structure

As you can see, the Campaign Structure dictates what information there is to be conveyed at each level. Naming conventions are subjective, and can be tailored based on the number of accounts you’re managing and KPI’s you’re reporting on.   The key here is consistency. Make sure the naming convention you choose is easily replicable. If the basic logic and structure of your naming convention is executed thoughtfully, you’ll be able to optimize more efficiently and provide more detailed reporting.

Best Practices for Naming Your Facebook Campaigns

Client or Campaign Name_Campaign Objective_ Date Launched


  • SewItSeams_ClickstoWebsite_19.2015
  • FloristGump_PageLikes_23.2015
  • LaborDaySale_PagePostEngagement_7.2015
  • ThaiTanic_VideoViews_28.2015

Naming Your Facebook Ad Sets

Placement_Device_Location_Gender_Age_Target Group



  • RHS_Desktop_US_M_18-24_NewJob
  • NF+Partner_Mobile_Chicago_All_21-34_CraftBeer

Ad Sets are limited to a max length of 100 characters, so it’s recommended that abbreviations be incorporated into the Ad Set naming convention.

Common abbreviations for ad sets:

Ad Placement

  • NF – News Feed
  • RHS – Right Column
  • Partner – Partner Mobile Apps

Device Targeting

  • All – All placements are selected
  • Mobile –All mobile devices
  • Android – Android devices only
  • iOS – iOS devices only
  • FeaturePhones – Featured phones only
  • Desktop – Desktop News Feed or Right Column
  • WiFi – Only when connected to Wi-Fi

There are a lot of placement and device options, but luckily by using abbreviations you can consolidate the information considerably. For instance, consider the following details:

  • Placement: on News Feed on mobile devices
  • Devices: iPads (all), iPods (all) or iPhones (all)
  • Using: iOS version 4.3 or higher
  • Accessing Facebook on: Wi-Fi

Putting it together:

All of those details above can be simply condensed into: NF_iOS4.3_WiFi (“News Feed Ad targeting users of iOS 4.3+ devices on aWiFi network)

Naming Your Facebook Ads

Header_Copy Description_Creative Image Description


example facebook ad


How Your Facebook Ad Naming Conventions Improve Your Reporting & Optimization

By strategically implementing a naming structure, you’ll be able to ascertain a lot more information from the Facebook ads report. Want to compare the Cost per Clicks (CPC) of 2 images are performing in an ad set? Easy. Go to the ad level in the reporting settings. Click add “Filter”, select “Ad name” and simply type in the image description specified in the ad.


Creative image descriptions – Skyline vs. CoffeeLady

By typing in the designated creative image descriptions “Skyline” and “CoffeeLady” into the Ad Name filter, I was able to quickly determine the CPC for each image.

Example: Comparing CPC’s Using Ad Names

facebook ads reporting example 1

Compare CPC’s between ads

facebook ads reporting example 2



Properly implementing a consistent and optimized set of naming conventions will help you easily use the tools available to report on your campaigns and identify optimization improvements.

How about you? Got any tips to share? Leave a comment!

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