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At Add3, we pride ourselves on continuing education, professional development and being a certified AdWords agency. But we also do a lot of other things for which there are not certifications; like Facebook Ads. And we’re really good at it and have case studies to show for it, but there’s no accredited program from Facebook.

So, until there’s an actual Facebook accredited certification program – you can test your mettle on this Facebook Ads Quiz that the social guru’s at Add3 have created.

(Here’s a link in case you can’t see the embedded quiz)

The 30-question test is intended for someone who has had some experience with advertising on Facebook but it can be an excellent resource for someone who is still learning. You’ll need about 10 minutes to complete the test and a score of 85% or better is passing. What was your score? Share in the comments!

To prepare, we recommend brushing up on:

  • The Facebook Ads Guide
  • Facebook’s advertising resources
  • For beginners, Facebook has a great ‘Learn How’ resource available that covers the basics of advertising on their site and that could be helpful when taking our knowledge test

The questions were formulated based on practical experience with dozens of clients ranging from various industries and campaign objectives. Everything from setting budgets and targeting to ad types and campaign objectives is covered on the test so study up before beginning!


The Industry Needs a Facebook Accredited Certification Program

The Google AdWords Certification Example

Consider Google’s certification program. Google allows marketers to obtain five separate certifications for different components of AdWords: AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising. Similar to other certification tests, the Googles tests are not terribly difficult to complete but they demonstrate that you’re a certified online advertising professional. While it’s somewhat common for advertisers to not be AdWords certified, it acts as a means to credibility in an industry that’s still in its relative infancy.

The Growth of Facebook Advertising

From its inception, advertising on Facebook was seen as an inefficient use of ad dollars compared to more established mediums, like Search and Display advertising. Marketers struggled to find value in reaching users via social network and brands hesitated spending money on something considered experimental. As the digital advertising industry as a whole grew in revenue and in capabilities, so did Facebook. Facebook’s advertising revenue has grown from $1.9 billion in 2010 to $3.54 billion in THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2015. So this begs the question: why isn’t there a Facebook accreditation program or certification test?

While there are several certifications available through unaccredited online ‘universities’ and seemingly endless pages of advertising resources on the Facebook website, there is no officially endorsed certification offered. As the industry evolves and matures, the need for a Facebook-endorsed certification program seems vital at this point. Facebook has continued to roll out new features and capabilities that are changing the way advertisers can effectively reach their target audience (did you know you can now target users based on where they have recently travelled?). Quite frankly, you’re missing opportunities if you’re not up to date on Facebook’s product offerings and platform capabilities.

We need a certification program, Facebook.

We encourage you to share the test and your score with peers to see who has the most Facebook ad knowledge on your team!

Add3 offers social media advertising services, including Facebook Ads. If there WERE a Facebook Ads certification program, Add3 would be certified. 

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Chris Kerrin is an Account Manager at Add3 and has quickly learned the ropes of social advertising since joining the team in 2014. When he’s not busy driving his clients’ social KPIs, Chris enjoys traveling, vying for the office ping pong crown, upholding his sometimes unhealthy addiction to sushi, and rooting on the Arizona Wildcats.

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