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Social Drives Traffic to Interactive Conference

The Seattle Interactive Conference is an annual event in Downtown Seattle that celebrates emerging interactive technology, creativity, and thought leadership. #SIC2014 hosted thousands of attendees who learned about all-things-digital, networked with their industry peers, and enjoyed the nightlife of Seattle and SIC after-parties. Many #SIC2014 attendees purchased their tickets after hearing about the conference on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or all-of-the-above via Paid Social Advertising.

Return on Ad Spend

My name is Philip Bruno, manager of Paid Social spend for clients of Add3, a Seattle & Portland digital advertising agency. This was my second year advertising for SIC, and I believe that this years’ campaign really worked. The data tells us that Paid Social Advertising drove a 3x return on ad spend as a blended metric of both awareness building & direct response. Factoring out awareness-oriented spend, direct response paid social advertising drove a 5x ROAS.

Seattle Interactive Direct Response Campaign – 2nd Round of Optimization w/ Daily Optimizations Based Upon Performance

  Website Visitors

Sample Facebook Ad Creative & Copy:


When it comes to driving sales, Paid Social is a “blended funnel” which serves to inform users about a product (the Conference), create consideration & intent, and ultimately drive users to purchase. However, the Seattle Interactive Conference Gold Pass costs $599 – inexpensive by conference standards, but a much larger barrier to entry than say, a concert ticket.

Blending the funnel – Rand Fishkin drives double-digit promo code redemptions

Rand NF Ad

Driving Conversions Despite Cost Barriers

The increased barrier to entry for the Seattle Interactive Conference doesn’t necessarily change the approach:

  • Create a relationship with the user by providing them with the content that they want to see.
  • Hyper-target users with this messaging
  • Fuel their consideration process through the point of purchase and measure the results.

By using codes that provided users with a $100 discount, Add3 was able to give users a compelling reason to purchase a pass, and was also able to track order volume by channel and thus, conversions. It is important to note that attribution here is not perfect because Seattle Interactive uses a 3rd Party ticketing platform. Therefore, Pixels & Google Analytics tagging could not be implemented to track conversion by source, campaign, or ad unit. Still, codes provided a good snapshot of revenue-by-channel.

Using Facebook as the primary platform, with Twitter and LinkedIn as secondary platforms, advertising for SIC reached 790,000 unique, targeted users, driving more than 10,000 of them to the SIC website to learn about the conference and purchase tickets. Paid Social also generated 7,000 platforms actions (such as Page Likes and Retweets) across the three channels.

Promoted Tweet 10/1: 15 RT’s, 4 Replies. 3 Followers, 3.88% engagement

Two Weeks Ad


The Changing Landscape of Social Event Promotions

In the past, I hosted parties and used Facebook to fill the venues. We would “hack” Facebook with a JavaScript Code, send tens of thousands of Facebook event invites, and hope that invitees would buy tickets. Now, Add3 uses Paid Social on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to fill convention centers full of Marketing Experts, Digital Innovators, Interactive MAKERS, and people like you reading this blog.

LinkedIn Sponsored Update, as seen in Seattle

LinkedIn Ad

Check it out: Seattle Interactive Conference, LLC has only 415 followers on LinkedIn, yet the post had 6,293 Organic Impressions. Learn about Amplifying Your Content from the Add3 Blog.

Thank you for reading! Be on the lookout for a case study and please feel free to leave comments or questions. Cheers!

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