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    A Quick-Reference Guide to the Must-See Sessions at SIC 2015

Every conference claims to be full of great sessions, unique and essential to growing your knowledge of the ever changing world of digital marketing. At Add3 we get that sifting through all of the summaries, looking up all of the speakers, and trying to set your own schedule can be a pain in the neck because you don’t want to miss anything.

We’ve taken the time to curate a list of sessions all inbound marketers should try to attend at the 2015 Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC). This list isn’t exclusive, there really is a ton of great content at this conference, but we think building your schedule around these particular sessions will ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Tuesday, November 3rd: A Walk through the World of the User

Our lineup for Tuesday’s sessions are focused around user-first marketing. It has always been the case that the user’s experience is important to the bottom line, but it’s often been difficult to use technology to monitor the effects in such a way as to offer precise diagnosis through quantitative data. As technology gets ever more sophisticated, major players (Google, anyone?) have started using more and more quantitative metrics to monitor how good the user experience is and attribute value to sites based on that. The sessions below speak to pushing the user’s experience to the foreground of your strategies to maximize marketing efforts in 2016.

Room # Title Time Speaker(s)
301 A User-Centric Approach to Mobile Game Measurement 9:00 AM Fontaine Foxworth
303 Wicked Ambiguity and User Experience 10:00 AM Jonathon Colman
302 The Long Play of Content Strategy 1:30 PM Matt Brown
303 SEO in a Two Algorithm World 2:50 PM Rand Fishkin

“Big Data and Weather Prediction” with Cliff Mass of the University of Washington

When: November 3rd, at 3:50 PM
Where: Room 303

While this is not directly related to marketing, you’d be remiss for skipping out on what should be one of the most heady sessions of the day. A master of big data, Cliff will explain how meteorologists use massive amounts of information gathered from various sources, both personal and infrastructural, to more accurately predict the weather and provide users with an individual experience.

Whether you care about meteorology or not, Cliff’s talk is guaranteed to keep you engaged. He’ll be highlighting how predictive modeling is evolving through various technologies to make better use of big data. If you’re savvy and alert throughout this talk you’ll find several ways to utilize the information here to push the envelope in 2016 by rethinking how you market to specific audiences.

Wednesday, November 4th: Strategy for the Future

The sessions we’ve picked for Wednesday focus on how to create a strategy that works for your business as the industry continues to go through major changes. From generating great demand for your brand to integrating open data as a tool for directing your marketing initiatives, these sessions will make you question how you’ve been structuring your campaigns, setting KPIs, and making business decisions in order to help you improve your methods for the year ahead.

Room # Title Starts Speaker(s)
303 Striving for Growth & Other Unicorn Adventures 9:00 AM Joanna Lord
202 Nothing is Organic: Understanding the True Sources of Your Audiences 10:00 AM Charles Manning
101 Let’s Make Marketing Strategies Easier 11:00 AM Rob Ousbey
302 Be the Answer: SEO in 2016 1:30 PM Dr. Pete Meyers
301 April Showers Bring May Flowers 3:50 PM Panel

Wednesday, November 4th: Official SIC:// After Party

After two long days of data dumps, networking, and good conversations we recommend decompressing with Add3 and the other sponsors at the SIC:// After Party. From 5 to 10pm on Wednesday you’ll find us all at the Melrose Market Studios.

Drop in and say “Hello.” It’s a great way to build on the connections you make throughout the conference while enjoying an open bar and some fine eats.

SIC:// After Party

When: 5pm – 10pm at Melrose Market Studios
Where: 1532 Minor Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Thanks, in advance, for coming out to the Seattle Interactive Conference! We look forward to seeing you all there and hope you enjoy the sessions above.

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