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personas for content marketing

Creating personas can be valuable and powerful for improving your marketing efforts. This post is a round up of some really valuable resources for creating personas.

Creating Personas

Check out this case study by the Add3 team: Creating Personas Improves PPC Campaign Performance by 152%!

Case study from our own team here at Add3 demonstrates the power of personas for search marketing campaigns.

Case Study from Marketing Sherpa: Content Marketing: Targeted Persona Strategy Lifts Sales Leads by 124%

Creating personas helps this company create better content for each segment of its audience. This article will give you specific ideas about to approach personas and tailor your content.

Personas for SEO – How To Build Them & Use Them

This presentation from Mike King (@ipullrank) presents a process for persona development and gives excellent insight into where to get data for personas and how to use it.

The B2B-centric series includes:

  1. How To Create Buyer Personas
  2. How To Most Effectively Use Your Buyer Personas
  3. Reviewing Your Buyer Personas
  4. Bonus: Persona Development Worksheet

Neilsen’s interactive tool that lets you investigate segment groups based on demographics and behaviors. This thing is DOPE!

Neilsen's tool that helps create personas for marketing

Another interactive tool for researching personas based on key traits and even ZIP codes.

Experian Mosiac can help with creating personas

3 Steps to Creating Effective Buyer Personas

There’s a link to a PowerPoint template for creating buyer personas.

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Personas

Don’t get derailed when building personas.

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