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In this post of “Jessica’s SEO Rundown” – Broken Link Building, Questions About SEO, and Holy Tweets.

The Broken Link Building Bible

Link Building Bible

Jessica’s Link Building Bible

This a wonderful blog post on SEOmoz regarding broken link building. It’s a huge post, with tons of great tools, tricks, and strategy ideas on how to get this type of link building campaign running. Not to mention this great quote from the author:

Broken link building is appealing because the success of the campaign is directly proportional to how much good you do for the web.

We all love to do good, right? So take a look at this post and start implementing them in your link building strategy today. Lastly, make sure you appreciate my beautiful drawing of a “Link Building Bible.”

Portent Staff Survey: “What’s Your Biggest Question(s) About SEO?”

How awesome is this? We’ve done these at Amplify, but never really put down the questions and answers in a blog post. My favorite questions:

  • Do rankings even really matter anymore? What about the whole personalized search thing?
  • Why are my search results progressively less helpful every time Google has an algorithm update?
  • The new HTML5 elements (i.e. section, article, etc.) are a big deal for accessibility. How do they play into SEO?

There are a lot more in the post, so make sure you stop on by there and see what else people are wondering about when it comes to SEO.

@pontifex – The Pope on Twitter

I love that the pope is finally doing social – I know, I don’t do the Social Round Up anymore, but I just can’t help noting this. So here are the Pope’s awesome first tweets!

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