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In this post of “Jessica’s SEO Rundown” – Content Launch Checklist, Bing Webmaster Tools Alerts, and the Importance of Verified Google+ Pages.

Bing Webmaster Tools: Stay On Top of Critical Issues with New Crawl Error Alerts

Bing Webmaster Tools Crawl Information Tool

Bing Webmaster Tools Crawl Information Tool

Bing announced at the beginning of the month that they will be sending out new crawl error alerts to their users. New alerts include:/p>

  • DNS Failures – if Bing tries to crawl your website and they get a DNS issue, they will add the URLs they tried to crawl to the Crawl Information tool. These URLs will be add to a new column called DNS Issues.
  • Connection Timeouts – this information will also be in the Crawl Information tool under the Connection Timeouts column. This error will occur when a website’s server refuses a connection or does not respond with a HTTP status in a timely fashion
  • Detailed 4XX and 5XX Response Alerts

A Basic (Yet Essential) Pre & Post Content Launch Checklist (with Guidelines)

SEOmoz promoted an awesome blog from YouMoz today from Mackenzie Fogelson, owner of Mack Web Solutions. The blog has some great suggestions on things to check before and after you launch content on your website. Below are a few of the best ones:

  • Use Google Suggest to get content ideas and target keywords.
  • Make sure you use keywords in the Page Title, Headings, Body Copy, Alt Text, and Images.
  • Make sure your content is readable. Do you have headings and subheadings? Short paragraphs and images?
  • Make sure you have share icons on each post.
  • Do you have a conversion point?
  • Analytics and tracking metrics are important to know if your content made an impact.
  • Let people know about your content. Connect with people you’ve mentioned. Use social to spread the word.

Brands, Google Plus, and the Knowledge Graph: A Love Triangle

GM Knowledge Graph

GM Knowledge Graph

Very interesting post from Thomas Redmond which supports the need for Businesses / Brands to have a verified Google+ page. His basic experiment: conduct a Google search for top 100 brands to see which brands have a Knowledge Graph and from where the datafor the Knowledge Graph is being. Below are the most interesting stats:

  • 47% of the brands have verified Google+ pages
  • Only 24% of the brands have a Knowledge Graph
  • 92% of the Knowledge Graph info comes from Google+
  • 96% of the brands with a Knowledge Graph have verified Google+ pages

…there seems to be a pretty strong correlation between brands that have verified Google+ pages and those brands that trigger a Knowledge Graph entry when their name is searched. Additionally, if a brand does have a Knowledge Graph entry, it’s very likely that the information displayed there is coming from its Google+ page.”

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