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We meet again. Welcome to yet another installment of Christian Reads… (So You Don’t Have To) – SEO Edition. This one’s for July, one of my favorite months. It’s the month of my birthday, of my wedding anniversary, and of (usually) really nice weather in Portland.

We’ve got a lot to cover… so let’s get to it:

Official: Google Panda Update 2.2 is Live

  • Matt Cutts said that this update was to improve scraper detection.
  • Should see little to no change in rankings

Google PageRank Update

  • After six months of no updates, Google updated their PageRank values in late June.
  • As I’ll cover later, you shouldn’t be too concerned about PageRank (unless Google was reporting a number for your site and that number is now a 1 or 0).

The 20-Point SEO Account Takeover Checklist

  • As someone who works in an agency, we do from time to time engage with clients who have had previous SEO / PPC vendors. So we are, in essence, “taking over” the account.
  • This is a comprehensive list of things you should do not only if you takeover an existing account but it’s a good list to use if you’re just engaging with an SEO program. – Do I Need To Pay Attention To This?

  • What is this website? It’s a resource that shows you how to mark-up your site content using microdata.
  • All of the big search engines have signed-on to universally recognize the mark-up code.
  • Should someone building a new website look to adhere to these standards and use microdata mark-up? Yes. If you’re already on the top of SERPs, you probably don’t need to look to re haul your website and use microdata mark-up.

Break Time

Let’s take a quick breather right in the middle here. Here’s some fun news. If you’re in Portland, you know how… weird… our city can be. Well, TriMet has signed-up to use this piece of artwork for their new Milwaukie Light Rail:

Courtesy of

I think I had that beast in my nightmare several nights ago. Anyway, let’s get back to it.

Google: PageRank Is No Longer The Be-All & End-All Of Ranking

  • SEOs rejoiced when we saw that Google has finally written a blog post about how PageRank shouldn’t be “the be-all and end-all of ranking.
  • Google recommends paying more attention to click through rate, conversion rate and bounce rate to tell if your rankings are on-target and if you’re not only getting traffic but if they’re finding what they want.

Google Notifications For Buying Links

  • If you’re in the business of buying links (which you really shouldn’t be), it’s being reported that Google is sending out webmaster tools notifications to webmasters telling them that they’ve detected that the webmaster is “using techniques that are outside Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.”
  • Instead of buying links, you should really have an SEO strategy that instead relies on creating targeted content that site visitors would find interesting (and interesting enough to link to).

Exact Match Domains Can Double Clicks on PPC Ads

  • I realize the story headline has “PPC” in it… but I’m thinking that having an exact match domain can possibly double clicks on organic listings as well.
  • Exact match domains meaning if someone searches for SEO Service Portland, your domain is “”
  • Is it worth a rebranding of your company name? No. Is it worth perhaps purchasing the domain and looking to do a one-two-three page site that goes over your services along with offering a case study download or otherwise? Perhaps.

My own personal Christian reads…

I’m almost all the way through China Mievelle’s Embassytown and I have to say – for a Mievelle fan, I’m finding that I liked his older stuff better than Embassytown and The City & The City. After I finish up this book, I do believe I’ll be back to reading more baby books, as my wife’s due date is coming up faster and faster.

If you’ve been reading any SEO articles lately that I didn’t cover, feel free to share in the comments. I would like to also remind readers that Amplify’s search engine optimization services are available. Why choose Amplify? Because we have a result-driven approach to SEO and you can rest assured that our account team are all experienced online marketers.

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