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Welcome to another edition of Christian Reads… (So You Don’t Have To) – SEO Edition. This is the February edition, and with Valentine’s Day over as well as President’s Day, I’m not sure how to theme out this post.

Advanced Google Search Tips: 10 Techniques to Get the Most out of Searching on Google

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I partnered up with our new hire Jessica to write this blog post. Essentially, this is meant not really for the search marketer but for a search marketer’s Mom or Dad who may not really know how to really perform effective searches on a search engine. We even included a nice one-page printout download at the end!

The Inside Scoop to Finding Link Building Opportunities with Free Alerts

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Neil Patel wrote up a terrific YouMoz post that was promoted to the front page of the SEOmoz blog that’s all about how to use free alert services (such as Google Alerts) to find some easy, low-hanging link building fruit.

Be Careful Using Google AdWords For Keyword Research

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Great post by Rand Fishkin about how, if you don’t do due diligence when using the Google Keyword Tool for keyword research, you can really miss some good opportunities. His main takeaway:

THE IMPORTANT LESSON: Running discovery-focused searches in AdWords may not show you all the valuable/high-volume keyword phrases connected to a word/phrase.

Bing Webmaster Tools Markup Validation

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Sure, we all tend to focus on Google Webmaster Tools for our crawl error & warning reporting… but don’t forget about Bing! They recently announced a markup validation tool in user’s Bing Webmaster Tools accounts.

13 Unconventional Link Building Strategies

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I love reading about creative link building strategies… and this blog post surely has some new ideas that I’ve never thought about. Certainly worth your time to check out.

My Own Personal Christian Reads…

My Mom got me a book at Christmas called Daddy, Where’s Your Vagina? What I Learned as a Stay-at-home Dad (I know, whaaaat at that title) and I’m currently going through it. It’s a pretty funny look at a guy’s experience of being a stay-at-home Dad.

Readers Read… (So I Don’t Have To)

What have I missed? Did you read anything really awesome in February that you’d like to share? Please let me know in the comments!

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