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Things are getting hot here in Portland: 90 degree weather. Well, things are even hotter in the world of SEO. Yeah, that last sentence was shameless and also a little embarrassing. Anyway, let’s get to it (click on the sub headline to go to the article).

Want to Win at SEO? Know Your Authority.

This post was written by Ben. He explains how to use SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer to really understand a site’s authority. You’ll also see one of the longest nested “if” statements for an Excel formula in this post. The best thing about this post? Ben gives you step-by-step instructions on how to take the data from OSE, plug it into Excel and chart it out. This is really powerful stuff.

Christian Attends MozCon 2011

My wrap-up post about the key points I wanted to share that I jotted down during MozCon 2011. MozCon was a great conference and I highly recommend it for all looking to learn the newest and the best of SEM.

Unconventional Opportunities For Conversion Rate Optimization

When looking at your website and evaluating, “What should I work on to produce conversion rate?”, Paras Chopra presents some pages that you might pass over. For instance, why not spend some time working on your 404 error page to optimize it for conversion? Or how about even your thank you page? Maybe the consumer has done the conversion; how can they continue to interact with your brand?

Top Google Organic Ranking Captures 18.2% of Clicks

Another month, another study of the share of clicks the top 10 Google results yield. And – surprise! – a different percentage! Previously it was thought the #1 result got somewhere around ~30% of clicks. Now – this study suggests 18.2%. The takeaway here for me is that click through rate can vary drastically if you have a clean & understandable title tag that matches the search query and a meta description that inspires click through.

Search Engine Share In July – Are Yahoo & Bing More Effective Search Engines Than Google?

Google had 66.05% of the total search engine share in the U.S. market for July 2011. Yahoo had 15.07% and Bing had 12.98%. So, Google continues to dominate the search engine share… but something interesting came out of the data this last month. Yahoo search had the highest “success rate” of a user performing a search and clicking on a search result, with an 81.36% success rate. Bing’s success rate was at 80.04%. Google’s success rate? 67.56%.

Also interesting:

“The firm also found that longer search queries, or those with five to eight words, jumped 3 percent between June and July, though one-word searches were most popular at 25.32 percent.”

Break Time

For this month’s break time, here is a picture of the Stanley Cup that I took. It was in Portland due to a former Winterhawks employee being in the Stanley Cup-winning Boston Bruins organization (as much as it pains me to write that – big Canucks fan).

Moving right along…

Linked Data Quick Hits

Ever since MozCon, I’ve been increasingly interested in what is known as Linked Data. I find that it’s something more and more websites will look to utilize as they try to increase their authority. It’s also a fairly good way to get genuine & quality content on your site. Some resources I read in August about Linked Data and RDF (Resource Description Framework):

Google Gave Us Two More Reasons For Getting Our Meta Descriptions in Order

This is a great post about why you should be writing unique and to-the-point meta descriptions: Google’s new way of showing sitelinks and the importance of meta descriptions in Google Plus.

… what’s Google Plus? Yeah.

That’s not all!

I have more to share but I don’t have the time to be able to write and share in this blog post. So if you want to see new articles that I’ve been reading or even read about random updates that I tweet from time to time, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter. I do mix a little bit of personal life with my professional life but I assure you I won’t be tweeting about what I’m eating (unless it’s really good) or where I’m checking in at (unless it’s somewhere really cool).

My own personal Christian Reads…

I’ve been reading a lot about more infant and baby care, as my wife is due on November 5th. We attended our first birthing class on Monday and I’ve been reading how a husband can support his wife during the early and active birth stages.

As always, if you’re interested in SEO services, Amplify can help you create & execute on an SEO strategy that is based on improving your site’s authority. Contact us if you want to chat about how we can help (and for the record: no one has sent us a late-night pizza delivery)!

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