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Welcome to the September edition of Christian Reads (So You Don’t Have To). I’ll be covering the best SEO news & articles that I’ve been reading the past month or so.

Ah September – the gateway month for Fall. This is the month of pumpkin spice lattes, of Halloween candy starting to appear on store shelves (no joke – I spotted some in August!) and the unexpectedly nice Summer weather to start winding down.

With that, there were a ton of great SEO articles that I’ve read recently… so let’s get to it!

Growing Your Audience with Random Affinites

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Don’t know what “random affinites”” means? I didn’t either. Not shocking that this fun yet insightful post was made by Ian Lurie over at SEOmoz. The term “random affinites” essentially means random affinity… and his post is all about writing content around a subject that really helps you continue to bring in all long tail traffic. It’s a good read (and if you haven’t heard it already, you can read Ashley’s post 5 Social Media Tools I Can’t Live Without According to Ian Lurie.


The SEO’s Guide To Adding Content for SERPs & Sales

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This was a really well written article that was all about how to position your page’s search result in the best way possible on the SERP and then some tactics on how to sell your content to the search engine visitor. Nice to see an article not just be about how to make your result stand-out from the rest… but how to optimize a visitor’s experience as well.


10 Ways to Create Engaging Content For Action

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Stoney hits a homerun with a quick & dirty list of 10 ways to really write good, engaging content. It’s a no-BS type of list that hits on every important factor nowadays when looking to create content. This is an article I’d recommend having content creators read through multiple times.


How Optimizing My Ugly Google+ Pic Increased Free Traffic 35%

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No doubt, you’ve seen more pictures of people in Google’s search engine results. This is know as Google Authorship and is a way that you can put a face to content that is written on the web.

The thinking in this article is that by testing & optimizing his Google Authorship picture, Cyrus increased the amount of “free traffic” by 35%. That’s a pretty large percentage. As you’ll read, he went a little experimentation-crazy… but there are some ideas in there that you can take & apply to your own Google Authorship picture test.


My Own Personal Christian Reads…

I’ve been reading about the NHL lockout that is seemingly going to happen on Saturday, September 15th unless a deal is struck between the NHL & NHLPA. All signs are not pointing towards this happening, though.

Readers Read… (So I Don’t Have To)

What have I missed? Did you read anything really awesome in August that you’d like to share? Please let me know in the comments!

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