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It’s time to wake up from your haze due to those pesky April showers and smell those May flowers because I have some fantastic SEO articles and news items I’ve been reading from about the middle of April until now to share. So let’s get sniffing (that doesn’t really work… but we’ll go with it anyway)!

Spring Flowers in Portland, Oregon

Spring Flowers in Portland, Oregon - courtesy

We’re Hiring!

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We’ve recently announced that we’re looking to add an experienced account executive to our team. Amplify is a great place to work at and we work & play hard. Apply today!

How to Move Your Content to a New Location

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Straight from the Goog’s mouth – some best practices when you’re looking to move your site content. This might be the understatement of the year so far: Google says it’s “worth doing it properly.” Uhh, yeah, because if you don’t you risk:

  • Losing if not all of your current organic rankings most of them
  • Providing users a poor first impression when they click on your result in search engines and hit a 404 error page or a mislead 301 redirect
  • A rat’s nest of technical issues

SEO Analytics, Middle Earth-style

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Ian Lurie decides to go all Middle Earth on us and shows how to collect lots of data about your SEO efforts and present it in a simple yet very effective way. Because that’s super important when it comes to showing wins: lots of numbers can be seen as confusing. Show a nice line graph with a positive upswing with minimal data (but have the “big data” ready to go in case you need to show it). From the tools needed to collect and organize the data to producing an opportunity map – Ian hits on all of it.

6 Changes Every SEO Should Make Before the Over-Optimization Penalty Hits

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Rand walks us through – in video form – how overly optimized pages could get your sites in trouble with Google when they start penalizing over-optimized pages. My favorite item he hits on? Those huge footers that contain links to all of your site’s  pages AND THEN SOME. Basically, trim those down to links you’d like to present to your site visitors instead.

Normally, 43rd Place Isn’t Anything to Brag About

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This was a blog post we produced in which we highlighted the fact that we are 43rd in Cison’s top 100 social media / Internet marketing / SEO blog 2012 list. That’s not what we’re hanging our hats on; it’s the fact that we improved 42 spots from last year!

There are a ton of great blogs in this list. Luckily, we’ve generated a content stream of all of these resources onto one page. Check it out: [fancy_link link=”” variation=”primary_green” target=”blank”]Live Stream of Social Media Content from the Cision Top 100[/fancy_link]

How Your SEO Communication Affects a Client’s Perception of Success

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Stoney hits the nail on the head here: you can produce amazing SEO results for a client but if you present your wins in a confusing or overly-complicated way, they won’t truly know how great those results are. He states that you can’t over-communicate with a client… but you’ll get a feel for how much they would like to communicate after a few weeks of working together.

My Own Personal Christian Reads…

Haven’t had a ton of time to do much personal reading, unfortunately. Still trying to make my way through Game of Thrones and actually get through the beginning of the Hunger Games.

Readers Read… (So I Don’t Have To)

What have I missed? Did you read anything really awesome in late April that you’d like to share? Please let me know in the comments!

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