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Google recently announced Google Search Plus Your World (SPYW), which is their attempt to make organic search engine results become more-personalized based on your social relationships (via Google+). What this means is that Google is inserting more social signals into the search engine results page based on your activity with Google+. This can impact how organic rankings look for you based on whether you’re logged into your Google account as well as what shows up when you do perform searches on Google.

This move towards providing personalized results impacts in a big way, even if you aren’t a Google+ user. Here are 4 reasons why this Google plus Your World feature roll-out impacts your SEO & content marketing strategy:

1) Hitch Your Wagon to Google

Google has been the dominant search engine in the U.S. for several years now. So, when Google gives you the ability to “influence how people see you in search“, then you best put your best foot forward and do so!

2) Adding a Face (Author Image) to Content

You’ve got a blog right? Top technology blogs are really putting this into practice. One of mashable’s writers – Amy-Mae Elliott – shows how to do it right. The first red box shows how you can use mark-up on a page to display an author image next to content that you “own”; the second red box is her Google+ profile page. Isn’t it shocking that these two results out of these top 5 stand-out? Yeah, it isn’t. I’ll bet you these results get more click through than the results without the author image.

Amy-Mae Elliot using Google+

Click for bigger image

3) Google Search Plus Your World is Changing the SERP

Let’s say I’m looking to buy soccer uniforms for a recreation team I’m playing with. So I go to my search engine of choice and search for “buy soccer uniforms”:

Search engine result page for "buy soccer uniforms"

Click for bigger image

Would you look at that! One of my Google+ connections has publicly +1’d a result. Do you think this influences what listing I’m going to click on? You betcha.

4) Full Insight Into Measurement

Want to know click through rates when your listing has a +1 versus without? Or perhaps you want to see what content people have +1’d on your site as well as the day of each interaction? Or maybe you want to see the total amount of unique users who have +1’d your site’s pages? All of these metrics can be found in Google Webmaster Tools.

So What Do You Do Next?

  1. If you don’t already have one – get a Google+ page for your business.
  2. If you do have one, start treating it like it’s your site because logged-in users may start seeing your company Google+ page first
  3. Add Google+ buttons to your site (see your Google+ page’s “getting started” link)
  4. Start growing those circles and +1’s. Getting more people in your circles and that +1 your content will give your content a better chance to be seen by Google users in THEIR circles
  5. Check out Amplify’s Google+ page, and click that little +1 button at the top of this post (just making sure you’re still with me)

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