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Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting my thoughts on improving teamwork dynamics between SEOs & Non-SEOs to a captive audience at Seattle Search Network’s monthly public meetup. Many people misunderstand how organic search works, which leads to a poor working dynamic between SEOs and the rest of the team. In the video below, I discuss how you can understand SEO even as the algorithms change and how this helps clarify SEO’s role within your own company. If you missed my blog on the same topic, you can find it here.

Special thanks to Kane Jamison of Content Harmony for not only recording my presentation—for which words cannot express my appreciation—but also for agreeing to present after me that night. His talk & slides “This is What Great Content Looks Like” compare the characteristics of OK & great content throughout the customer lifecycle.

The Video from Miles’ Presentation at Seattle Search Network

Here is the video of my presentation, and immediately below are the slides (the Slideshare version has a few extra slides compared to the presentation version).

The Slides – Follow Along!

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Miles is generally in the top 5 best SEO's within a 10 block radius wherever he goes. Being from Seattle, an SEO-savvy city, that means he's pretty darn decent, statistically speaking. Ever since Miles started cleverly adding keywords to his emails in college to more easily locate those emails in the future, he knew he was destined to become the best SEO of all time, objectively speaking. He is Google Analytics certified, which means a lot. Follow him on Twitter @MilesRossow.

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