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Typically when we engage with clients, we build a online marketing strategy centered around building a diversified link portfolio (traditional link development, social media marketing, etc.) and a comprehensive pay-per-click presence.  A lot of times, we’ll go to a client and present a strategy that allows us to develop brand recognition & an opportunity for ROI for several different PPC engines.

And for whatever reason, the marketing individual at “Acme industry” or whoever inquires, “Why not just use Google AdWords?”

The truth of the matter is – if you’re not involved on a daily basis with PPC management, development or whatever, it’s hard for you to see the forest through the trees.  If you limit yourself to only one PPC engine… you’re missing a ton of opportunity!

The newest eMarketer report supports this mentality.  Although MSN might only receive a small piece of the pie for overall percentage of searches:

Efficient Frontier also said that MSN lead the major search engines in average click-through rate and ROI. The research company credited this to MSN’s smaller number of advertisers, making for less competition and commensurately stronger performance for advertisers.”

See!  Opportunity!  While you may not use 1 / 5 of your overall online ad budget on MSN, the gains might be close to or even more than what you might see at Google.

So go ahead and diversify your PPC portfolio – there’s opportunity to be had.

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