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Welcome to another edition of Amplify Interactive’s Hot 11! We’ve gathered up some mighty useful articles from the world of search engine marketing and beyond. There’s even an infographic about cats and bacon at the end!

1) AdWords Time Comparison Data Rolls Out in Web UI, Includes Filter Options and Exports

by Ginny Marvin at Search Engine Land

This is an AWESOME update! Not sure why it took Google this long to do this… similar functionality has been available in Google Analytics for a long time. You can now easily compare dates and see percentage changes in the AdWords tables. This update should help PPC analysts save a lot of time. High five Google!

2) A Visual Guide to Keyword Targeting and On-Page Optimization

by Rand Fishkin at Moz

How do I build the perfectly optimized page? It’s a question that gets more and more complicated as search engines evolve. Here, Rand Fishkin offers a visual explanation of what he considers a “perfectly” optimized page.

3) 5 Ways to Prove to the Client That the Traffic Will Come

by James Harrison at Moz

Doing SEO the right way provides long lasting results with fantastic ROI’s, but sometimes it takes a while to start seeing results. Sometimes clients get impatient. Here are five ways to demonstrate to the client that you are doing great work that will pay big dividends down the line.


4) Create Precise Buyer Personas With SEO Data: A 10-Step Guide

by Jey Pandian at Content Marketing Institute

If your content fails to resonate with a target audience, your buyer personas may be to blame. Use this 10-step guide to help create more precise personas using SEO data from your sites analytics.

5) How to Generate a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas

by Jayson DeMers at Search Engine Journal

One of the biggest pains that business and corporate writers face is figuring out what to write about. This posts gives you some tactics for coming up with some topics and storing them in a centralized place for later use.

6) Build Out Your Account With 3 Time Saving Tips

by Eric at PPC hero

PPC management is time consuming, and time is money! Here PPC Hero shares 3 time-saving tips to help you scale your PPC accounts quickly and efficiently.

7) Easily A/B Test your Website’s Call-to-Action using Content Experiments API

from the Google Analytics blog

SiteApps created an experiment to A/B test your website’s call to action using Google Analytic’s Content Experiments API. Check out this post to see how they did it!

8) 3 Behavioral Insights Marketers Should Be Mining

by Tony Zambito at Eloqua

Mining behavioral insights enables you to have a deeper understanding of your content consumers, and therefore create a more friendly buyer experience. Take advantage of all of the data available to you to create customized experiences for your users based on personas.

9) Digital Marketers on Twitter: What They Share, Whom They Retweet

by Ayaz Nanji at Marketing Profs

If you are interested in getting digital marketers to retweet you, this should be a good resource. This could be especially helpful if digital marketers are part of your target audience.

10) Email Expert Laura Atkins on How to Make Sure Your Emails Hit the Inbox

by Laura Atkins at Marketo

The latest mass freakout in the marketing industry is over Google’s new gMail folders which separate promotional emails from the main inbox. In this article Laura Atkins gives you some advice on how to create engaging email campaigns and what the future of email marketing might look like.

11) Kittens & Bacon: The Most Viral Infographic Ever

by Jason Miller at Marketo

Two in a row from Marketo! Ever wonder why there is so much stuff on the internet about cats and bacon? Well, cats and bacon get clicks! How can you use cats and bacon to dominate the world of marketing?kittens-and-bacon-why-they-continue-to-go-viral

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