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Welcome to another edition of the Hot 11! Summer is winding down and as fall approaches a certain question come to mind which is… ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Oh, sorry about the all caps, I’m just kind of excited. But enough with the small talk, let’s get down to business… We’ve gathered some of the best articles from the world of search engine marketing to help you “step your game up” and “win the day”. And if you happen to hate football this will give you something to do to distract yourself while the games are on. Enjoy!

1) Introducing Buffer for Google+: The Easiest Way to Post to Your Google+ Business Page

by Leo Widrich at Buffer

Sweet, you can now use Buffer to share stuff on Google Plus pages! Unfortunately, you can’t yet connect a personal G+ account to Buffer, which is a big time bummer. Hopefully this will change soon. Links shared on Google Plus are great for SEO and this will make it easier for companies to market their own content as well as to spread great content from others.

2) Content Remarketing Experiment, Part 2: The Content Funnel

by Doug Kessler at Velocity UK

Very cool case study about using remarketing to drive traffic to your content and get leads into your funnel. Velocity ran a test and here are the results. Very fascinating.

3) Are There Any Real PPC Experts?

by Jeff Allen at PPC Hero

If you think there are any real PPC experts, then you are not a PPC expert. PPC experts know that there are no PPC experts. Except for Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is a PPC expert. The author failed to mention this. I hope he is o.k.

4) Keyword Planner Has Replaced Keyword Tool

from GoogleGrumpy cat doesn't care

Google’s keyword planner has replaced the keyword tool. No big deal, but now you have to sign in and have an AdWords account. You also don’t have the option of using broad match for traffic estimation; it’s all exact match now. Good.

5) 25 Ways PPC Has Changed In The Past Year

by Sam Owen at PPC Hero

Awesome article detailing all the many ways that the author has changed the way he manages PPC in the past year. This article stimulated some activity in the ol’ noggin.

6) The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

by Danny Dover at Moz

Awesome resource for on-page SEO. You may want to print this out if you’re a developer, if you do on-page SEO, or if you deal with SEO recommendations in any way.

7) Kick Ass Local SEO Strategies from Around the World

by Richard Marriot at clambr

What do you get when you ask some of the best local SEO experts from around the world “What is the most Kick Ass strategy you used to make a brick and mortar business go from invisible to unmissable in local search?” This. Great read for businesses with a local marketing strategy.


8) Correlation, Causation & Coincidence in SEO

by Dave Davies at Search Engine Watch

It’s critical to understand and remember the differences between correlation, causation, and coincidence. In this article the author defines each term and looks at some examples that you likely have (or will) encounter while monitoring your search rankings.

9) Has Google’s Author Rank Arrived?

by Eric Enge at copyblogger

AuthorRank and “In-Depth Article SEO”, yo. It’s no secret that one of the best ways to generate leads and build your business is by creating great content and becoming a leading authority in your field. This is a tactic that Google is fully on board with. Create great content, market it well, and win.

10) 58 Resources to Help You Learn and Master SEO

by Zach Bulygo at KISSmetrics

Is the Hot 11 not enough for you? Here’s 58 more links for you to explore! A nice list of SEO resources… great for the beginner, and a good list for the expert to explore to see what you’ve missed or forgotten. Includes information resources and some free tools.

11) Losing Motivation? Write Yourself Fan Mail. Really.

by Herbert Lui at 99U

Write yourself some fan-mail to get over your fear. Set the expectations high for yourself. Expect success, expect to win!

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