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Amplify Interactive's Weekly Hott 11 Roundup


Welcome to another edition of the Amplify Interactive Hot 11 article roundup! We’ve gathered some awesome articles from the world of SEM and gathered them here for your reading pleasure. We hope you enjoy!

1) The PPC Guide for Beginners, Part 3: The Landing Page Dilemma

by Don Sturgill at Wordstream

PPC’in ain’t easy! But if you have a solid background in marketing you start to see patterns; basic concepts such as segmentation and targeting apply to absolutely everything. So it goes with PPC. In this article we learn the importance of PPC landing pages and key considerations for landing page strategy, including determining your target audiences and creating landing page experiences that are relevant to them (leading to an increase in Quality Score and conversion rate).

2) The Art Of Compromise: A Balancing Act

by Doug Kessler at Velocity

I always love Velocity’s content. It’s always smart, entertaining, and useful. This is a deck that they created for internal use that they decided to share with the world. It’s about client / agency relationships. I’ve embedded the SlideShare so you can peruse it without leaving 🙂

3) 26 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Profiles

by Debbie Hemley at Social Media Examiner

Is it time to do a social media profile audit? Want to optimize your profiles to get found by your target audiences? This article offers some tips on some of the basic housekeeping tasks that are necessary for maintaining complete and engaging social media profiles.

4) The Digital Elevator Pitch: How to Create Click-Worthy Social Media Profiles

by John Clark at unbounce

Guess who was researching social profile optimization? This guy! This article gives you an in-depth, tactical approach to optimizing your social profiles for search, conversions, branding and design.

5) 5 Marketing Technology Must-Haves for the Modern Marketer

by Will Davis at Marketing Trenches

Modern marketers have to be hands-on with marketing technology to prove ROI. Everyone has their specialties, but it’s important to have some familiarity with the tools your colleagues or customers are using. Here are 5 essential tech tools that every marketer should familiarize themselves with.

6) Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling: The Good, Bad and Ugly Models

by Avinash Kaushik at Occam’s Razor

The other day a fellow marketer was telling me about how at Mozfest he heard Avinash Kaushik say that “first click attribution is like giving my first girlfriend 100% of the credit for me marrying my wife”. Funny because it’s true! This article is all about that (and also uses that quote). It’s a long article but very much worth it if you want to learn about multi-channel attribution modeling.

7) Five Questions for Lean Content Creator Stephanie Hay

by Lisa Regan at Startup Lessons Learned

In this article Lisa Regan interviews Stephanie Hay about content strategies for startups. However, the advice goes beyond startups and will be useful for anyone using content for customer acquisition. Learn more about how to test language that “helps people find you, understand you, and choose you.”

8) Easily Increase Sales With Assisted Impressions & Clicks

by Jeff Allen at PPC Hero

AdWords Search Funnel data is now in the interface. Should you care? This post explains how to increase sales based on this assisted impression and click data.

9) A Marketer’s Guide to Retargeting Facebook Ads

by Taylor Casti at Mashable

Here’s a handy infographic about retargeting using Facebook Exchange!A Marketer’s Guide to Retargeting on Facebook [Infographic]

Infographic by MDG Advertising

10) 11 Things That Are Driving Me Nuts: PPC Edition

by John Lee at Clix

Tired of all the unicorns and rainbows? Blow off some steam with John Lee! I think there’s a lot more frustration and annoyance in the agency world than most blog posts let on. It’s time to get real- stuff be annoying sometimes!

11) New Case Study! A/B Testing Offers with Retargeting

by Ben Lloyd at Amplify Interactive

Time to toot our own horn! This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of retargeting to test different offer types. We showcase an A/B remarketing test we did for Tripwire that drove significant gains in campaign performance. See how we used a retargeting A/B test to boost conversions, conversion rate, and cost per conversion for one of our beloved clients!

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