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Welcome to the Amplify Interactive Hot 11 Search Engine Marketing Article Roundup! We’ve rounded up 11 of the best SEO, PPC, Analytics, and Social Media Marketing articles that we ran across this past week for you. We hope you enjoy them!

1) Enhanced Campaigns Countdown: 10 Best Images That Told Us How You Really Feel

by Ginny Marvin at Search Engine Land

It’s no secret that not all PPC practitioners are happy with Google’s new “Enhanced” campaigns. In fact, many people have resorted to creating “memes” to express their disdain (oh the horror!) Most of these memes are snarky, though a couple of them seem to suggest that the change is a good thing. One of these memes was created by our own Ashley Kennedy, by the way. So check it out!

Amplify Interactive enhanced campaigns

2) Re-imagining Segmentation In Analytics To Help You Make Better Decisions, Faster

from the Google Analytics Blog

Google has re-imagined segmentation to make it easier for new Analytics users while also making it more powerful for seasoned analysts and marketers. Some key updates include User Segmentation, Cohort Analysis, Sequence Segment, Segment Templates and fully refreshed new UI.

3) The Ultimate AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Resource

by Ray Alameda at the DudaMobile Blog

This is a big compilation of AdWords Enhanced resources, so if you’re looking for information about enhanced campaigns, this is your link! Included in the compilation is our post about Upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns.

4) 4 Ways to Use Instagram Video For Your Bar

from the TapHunter blog

I always like articles which spurn the brainstorming process for creating social media content. This is one such article. Even if you don’t own a bar, this article may spurn a few ideas if you use Instagram for your marketing. Great for local businesses.

5) LinkedIn’s Most Glaring Deficiencies And How To Get Around Them

by Annie Cushing at Annielytics

Annie hates LinkedIn for its lack of usability and protection from spammers, and I agree. In this article, she lays out how LinkedIn takes simple tasks and makes them ridiculously difficult, and gives you a guide for how get around the crap.

6) How To Do Keyword Research The Smart Way: Targeting Interest and Intent

by Beth Morgan at KISSmetrics

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you already know how to do keyword research, but this article just might help you to do it better! The author introduces a different framework for keyword research which you can add to your toolbox.

7) SEO Is Not Dead, It Just Got a Sibling

by Martin Mcdonald at

While traffic from social media is growing at a much higher rate than search traffic, search traffic is still growing and still comprises of 50% of web traffic (while social traffic comprises of 25%). So while social is very important, search is still the big dog when it comes to web traffic.

8) Finding the Right Lead Generation Strategy

by Gregg Schwartz at Chief Marketer

Using strategic thinking to decide the optimal mix of inbound and outbound marketing for lead generation. They can both work together, and the ratio depends upon your particular set of circumstances. Good read!

9) Change Begins With Ideas. Are You An Idea Killer?

by Paul D. Roberts at SyneticsWorld

This article contains 16 ways to kill an idea. These things happen in team environments all the time. If innovation and creativity are an important part of your business model, review these points. Are you stifling creativity and killing ideas?

10) Be Unapologetically Focused: Why Having a Great Strategy Matters

by William Allen

Four questions to make sure we’re focused in a resource-constrained world. First things first… get your strategy right! Nuff said.

11) 5 Steps For Creating Superhero Slides

by Aleyda Solis at Moz

Ever wonder how your favorite slide decks are created and presented so flawlessly? Check out these tips to become a master at creating and delivering the story behind your next presentation!

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