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We rounded up a list of our favorite Search, SEO (Inbound), Social, and Analytics blog post links that we came across this past week. These are either important updates to services we use or interesting content we find valuable. We know you found your favorite Blog Posts this week – comment with your link to something recent that you found interesting or important, pertaining to Search & Social Marketing.

PPC Articles

Keyword Planner, Flexible Bid Strategies Coming to AdWords Ahead of Enhanced Campaigns

During the PPC Hero conference this past week, there was news about new AdWords features. Paul Feng, product management director at Google, shared news of the new Keyword Planner and Flexible Bid Strategies coming soon. Lisa Raehsler breaks them down in this article.

SEO & Social (Inbound) Articles

59 Lists You Can Easily Compile To Help You Build Links

Lists for Link BuildingIn this article, Ken & Garrett, go through 59 lists to use for link building ideas and opportunities. In this master “list of lists” you get a combined look from two different approaches by the two authors.

5 Tips to Make Facebook Marketing Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-Friendly Facebook MarketingIf you are using Facebook for marketing purposes then you probably know that the majority of users access Facebook via a mobile device. So, “it’s up to brands and businesses to make sure that any marketing efforts they add to Facebook are mobile-friendly, including custom apps, email, advertising, etc.” Jim lays out 5 tips to do so.

Analytics Articles

Upload Click and Cost Data to Google Analytics Using Excel or Google Docs Files

Upload Click & Cost Data to Google AnalyticsSince we had a large discussion on Google Analytics this past week, one of our team members shared a great article about uploading click and cost data to GA using excel or Google docs files. Charles takes you through the process step by step.

Misc SEM Related Articles

The Help Me Help You Dinner

This one is an oldie but goodie! One of our team members scoured this from the archives. It is a great reminder of how powerful networking can be. Rand breaks down a great idea for connecting with people who “A) you’re fairly sure you can help them in some way and B) you think they could be helpful to you today or in the future.”

27 Time-Saving Tools and Tricks to Be a More Productive Marketer

If you are a marketer who feels that their time is maxed out each and every day. That you consistently just can’t seem to complete all your daily tasks and that they are piling up on you. Then, this article could help you relieve some stress by giving you ideas in becoming more efficient.

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