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We rounded up a list of our favorite Search, SEO (Inbound), Social, and Analytics blog post links that we came across this past week. These are either important updates to services we use and/or interesting or helpful content we find valuable. We know that you too found your favorite Blog Posts this week – comment with your link to something recent that you found interesting or important, pertaining to Search & Social Marketing.

Paid Search Articles

The Big Adwords Update: Enhanced Campaigns Puts the Focus on Mobile

The AdWords new enhanced campaign update is all about simplifying campaign management across multiple devices and to increase mobile advertising. According to Google, no longer are the days of time-consuming workarounds in order to target the various devices we have today. AdWords managers will be able to set different bids and show different ads based on a user’s device type, location and time of day, all within one campaign.

SEO (Inbound) Articles

96 Quick SEO Wins – What Can You Do With an Hour?

Content MarketingIn 2012, the world of SEO changed for the better. The gimmicky SEO tactics are no longer a viable long term marketing strategy. In 2013, real marketing strategies and and high quality content are going to be your only true long term winning strategy. But, just because Google put those old, quick and short-term strategies to rest, doesn’t mean you still can’t get quick SEO wins. This article breaks down 96 quick wins that you can execute on your own websites.

3 Criminally Underutilized Visual Marketing Tactics Case Studies

Inbound marketing is still gaining ground as a very effective form of online marketing. This article talks about three underutilized creative visual marketing tactics. The focus on these tactics is all about creating visual content that stands out from the crowd. These types of visually engaging content pieces can help not only drive a lot of engagement and attention to your business but also inbound links as well.

Content Vaults No1 Marketing Priority for 2013

Content Marketing eMarketer did a recent survey and found that Content marketing has become the number 1 priority for businesses running digital marketing campaigns. The article goes further into breaking down what businesses are planning to focus on and where they are planning to spend their digital marketing dollars in 2013.

Social Media Articles

Instagram’s New Web Feed Will Poison Mobile Intimacy

Instagram is not just a mobile app anymore, as it recently introduced its first Web Feed. You can now browse Instagram from your desktops and laptops. Supposedly the web feed is designed to mirror the mobile UI. Although, you still can’t upload pictures or add filters at

How Local Businesses can Leverage New Facebook & Foursquare Features

Local Social & SEO MarketingThere have been some new features added to Facebook and Foursquare that can be used to help market local businesses. Facebook has added their new Graph Search, which means that the businesses who have a strong Facebook presence and consistently engage with their fans and customers, will have a greater chance of being ranked at the top. Foursquare has made some changes in their privacy policies that should allow them “access to more information to better analyze their customers trends and better reach loyal customers.”

Analytics Articles

The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics

Content MarketingGoogle analytics can be a cumbersome tool to use for a small business owner. There are so many features, settings and segments that it can be very difficult to use efficiently and effectively. This Google Analytics guide breaks down the complexities and helps you use Google’s powerful analytics dashboard to understand what is driving your website leads and sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization Rulebook

So you are able to drive traffic to a website, but are those visitors converting into sales? Conversion rate optimization is probably the second most important element to driving traffic to your site, in the online marketing game. Unbounce, a landing page platform, has created a conversion optimization rulebook to help you convert your website visitors into leads and sales. The guide looks to be very thorough and to have a lot of great information.

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