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We rounded up a list of our favorite Search, SEO (Inbound), Social, and Analytics blog post links that we came across this past week. These are either important updates to services we use or interesting or helpful content we find valuable. We know that you too found your favorite Blog Posts this week – comment with your link to something recent that you found interesting or important, pertaining to Search & Social Marketing.

PPC Articles

Simple Ad Copy Testing: 6 Simple Steps with AdWords Labels

As Attacat Steve explains in this article, it can be difficult to test ad copy for smaller PPC accounts. Applying labels to your ads can speed up the process, especially if you are testing ads across multiple ad groups at the same time. Steve lists out a 6-step process for using labels for ad copy testing.

Expensive Space with a Low Budget – Consider Facebook

Paid search advertising is getting more and more expensive and there are certainly specific niches that are becoming even more competitive and expensive than the rest. So what is the solution? Aaron suggests turning to Facebook. For B2B niches or direct response campaigns, most marketers tend to not think of using Facebook. This is because Facebook can return significantly lower conversions rates. But, as Aaron points out, Facebook also generates very low CPC’s. The article goes into more detailed reasons to use Facebook and tips on how to set up your audiences.

40% of Consumers are Unaware that Google AdWords are Adverts

Google PPC Heat MapBunnyfoot conducted a research project and discovered that “81% of users clicked on Google AdWords listings” as opposed to the organic listings. They also revealed that 41 out of 100 people tested did not realize they were clicking on paid ads, but instead thought they were clicking on the “most authoritative links.” In this article, you can see a heatmap created by Bunnyfoot of where searchers are clicking the most in the SERPs. Graham further dives into a Q&A with Bunnyfoot co-founder Rob Stevens about the results of their research towards the end of the article.

SEO & Social (Inbound) Articles

How to Enhance Your Instagram Web Profile for Improved Exposer

Social Marketing - Instagram Web Profiles Instagram has evolved from just a mobile app to introducing user profiles on the web to rolling out full blown web profiles. The web profiles allow you to comment, follow, like and view other photos. All this adds up to more engagement between marketers, brands, and the end users. In this article, Bryden breaks down how to enhance your Instagram web profile in order to generate more exposure and engagement with your audience.

Why Google+ Is the Best Social Platform for Content Marketers

Google+ for Content MarketingAccording to Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Plus Your World, was the most “radical transformation of Google search results ever.” With the rollout of S+YW it has changed the SEO and rankings game in that, when you search, your results will be personalized to you. Demian goes on to explain reasons for growing your Google+ network and why Google+ outshines the other social networks for content promotion.

Google+: [Major Update] Profile and Page Experience

Google+ UpdatesGoogle Plus has made some recent updates. The first being a new profile and page experience with new tabs and a bigger cover photo, among others. Google Plus has also updated the hovercards here with the way they look and function. They have also made it easier to edit and add geotags to your photos here. In these articles, Lee further breaks down all these new updates and changes.

Announcing Fresh Web Explorer

Fresh Web Explorer“Have you ever wished you had an easy way to track all of your links, social mentions, and web citations in one place?” If you answered yes, then you need to start using SEOmoz’s new Fresh Web Explorer product. It is an addition to the SEOmoz PRO account. Matt breaks down this new tool and its’ features in this article.

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