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We rounded up a list of our favorite Search, SEO (Inbound), Social, and Analytics blog post links that we came across this past week. These are either important updates to services we use and/or interesting or helpful content we find valuable. We know that you too found your favorite Blog Posts this week – comment with your link to something recent that you found interesting or important, pertaining to Search & Social Marketing.

Paid Search Articles

Should You Upgrade to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

Google is making some major changes to Adwords with their Enhanced campaigns updates. In this article, Brad talks about the various pluses and minuses that Adwords users will find when they start using the new updated campaign features. One of the nice benefits of this update is the ad group level ad extension addition.

SEO (Inbound) Articles

PPC Keyword Research for SEO

One of the best ways to do keyword research for an SEO campaign is to run a PPC campaign. This article talks about the most optimal way to implement this strategy. Todd breaks down the appropriate metrics to test and pay attention to, like the proper match type and ad copy.

7 Fiverr Gigs for In-House SEOs

On a small budget? Then go to Fiverr for all your marketing needs. Well, actually don’t do that! Fiverr is not great for everything, but according to Martijn, it can be really good for small budget services like: Graphics & Illustrations, Voice Overs, Data Entry and even Proof Reading. The article goes into what to look for and what to avoid.

Excel for SEO – Must Have Tools and Resources

Excel for SEO There are some great SEO tools and software out there, unfortunately, a lot of the these can be pricey. Not to fear, there are ways around these very useful but expensive software. In this post, Wayne lists out various free Tools, Guides and Resources to use for SEO.

Social Media Articles

8 Ways to Get More Leads for Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing LeadsIf you are not leveraging LinkedIn for marketing your business then you need to start now. Per “Experian Marketing Services, LinkedIn received 94M total U.S. visits in December 2012, an increase of 40% in traffic compared to December 2011.” LinkedIn can be a great way to get leads and drive more traffic to your digital assets. This article breaks down 8 specific ways to accomplish this.

Analytics Articles

Google Analytics Part 1: Basic Setup

Per the author, Jessica, there are still countless businesses out there that don’t have any idea where their traffic & customers are coming from. How do you know where to promote your business or know what is working for you, when you don’t know where your customers are originating from? In this article, Jessica explains the basic steps to setting up Google Analytics on your website. With analytics you can track your customers and market where they are.

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