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I opened up a box of Barnum’s Animals Crackers this morning as a brunch snack and offered my Amplify teammates who braved the “Arctic Toot” this morning some crackers.

Ben came over and grabbed a couple.  He commented, “You know, every other kind of animal cracker, be it from a bin or a store-brand or whatnot, just doesn’t compare to the tried and true Barnum’s Animal cracker.”

Nothing truer has ever been spoken.  You can buy some cheap animal crackers in a bin somewhere… but they’ll leave you with a weird taste in your mouth.  Or will just be way too “vanilla-y.”  Or kinda nasty and stale.

The same can be said of looking for search engine optimization help.  You can go for a reputable, well-known company’s solution.  It might cost a little extra but you know you’re getting quality animal crackers in awesome packaging.  Or you can opt for a “cheaper” solution… which will come in shoddy packaging and leave that weird taste in your mouth.

I’ll take Barnum’s Animals Crackers every time.

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