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I’m a big fan of using available software to make your job easier and automating monotonous tasks. We have a limited amount of time to spend and it’s important manage our time effectively. I like to always be looking for new tools and strategies to win the PPC battle. And as they use to say on the old school GI Joe cartoon from my childhood, “knowing is half the battle.” I’ve reviewed all the search blogs in the last 3 weeks and found the best posts to make sure you have all the right tools.

Amplified Gold Posts

  • PPC Ad Optimization: 6 Top Elements To Test: Even in the limited amount of characters that PPC ads give you there are a lot of elements to test. The above list will give you some good places to start ad testing for the biggest impact.
  • Finding Profitable PPC Keywords From SEO Data: I love this technique shared by Shawn on how to use Google Analytics and Excel to identify profitable keywords for PPC. But I’m a sucker for Excel tips in any post. 🙂

Amplified Platinum Posts

  • 78 Resources For Every Internet Marketers Toolkit: There are multiple free tools available to make your life easier in internet marketing. This post does a pretty job of creating an all encompassing list of tools. There were several tools I use regularly in this post and a few that I plan on giving a test drive.
  • Negative Keywords For Positive ROI: This is the most comprehensive post I’ve seen on negative keywords in PPC campaigns. Be sure to read this and learn some new and more effective ways to utilize negative keywords.
  • How To Run Your PPC Accounts Like A Project: There are SO many different tasks you could be doing to optimize your PPC campaigns. Brad shares ways to how to create a regular consistent process to increase performance in your campaigns. We use a very similar project process to manage PPC tasks here at Amplify.

Amplified Diamond Posts

  • The Blueprint For The Perfectly Testable Landing Page: I LOVE this infographic from KISS Metrics. It shares a template to keep your testing consistent and scalable to drive results in your landing page testing. I saved this image to Evernote and plan on sharing it with clients.
  • What A Unique Selling Proposition Really Means: With the limited amount of characters in paid search and the ability of your ads to show directly above or below competitors it’s important to understand your unique selling proposition. Companies spend way too much time trying to be everything to everybody which is a quick way to fail. This post from KISS Metrics shares USP’s from very successful companies and the importance of identifying one.

What post did you read recently that you bookmarked?

As for my personal playlist not much has changed since my last post. I still cannot get enough of the latest Foster The People album. Here’s another song that I’m loving:

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