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How much do you know about PPC advertising? Do you know what PPC stands for? I started out in pay-per-click marketing over 3 years ago and still struggle explaining the value of this complex and effective marketing practice to others outside of the industry. As an outsider, certain terminology and concepts are difficult to wrap your head around – there is much more to it than most people think.

The Anatomy of a PPC Ad

In high school, I loved calculus and chemistry because I loved working with numbers. When I started college, I fell in love with marketing. PPC is the perfect marriage of the two – it involves critical thinking, strategy, and data analyzation. This medium is extremely measurable, which is rare in marketing. It also allows smaller businesses to rank right up there with the big guys, which is another aspect I love.

8 Google AdWords Ad Copy Tips

Before setting up campaigns and delving in, there are several basics that need to be understood to build a strong foundation. My colleague, Ryan Campbell, did a presentation on PPC Basics in January. His presentation does a great job outlining fundamentals and basic concepts for PPC. To help you further along the funnel, I’ve put together a guide that focuses exclusively on PPC ad copy (and have continued Peter Mitten’s journey from Ryan’s presentation). The guide offers 8 tips that includes best practices and criterion for those new to the industry.

Download the PDF version and let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below!

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