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A new AdWords tool we’ve been using here at Amplify-Interactive is the Search Query Performance report. Sure it’s a fancy name… but does it provide valuable information? You bet it does.

The Search Query Performance report gives us specific information on what keywords users are searching on when they click your ad. As you may or may not know, there are three ways you can bid on a keyword on a pay-per-click platform – broad match, phrase match & exact match. Broad match bidding on “shoes” using broad match means that your ad will show up whenever someone searches for shoes, blue shoes, dog shoes or edible shoes. Phrase match bidding on “running shoes” means your ad will show up whenever some searches for that phrase, such as red running shoes, durable running shoes or pink running shoes laces. Exact match bidding on “female running shoes” means your ad will only show up when someone specifically searches for “female running shoes.” Obviously, depending on the PPC campaign, you’ll want to deploy a variety of different tactics using these bidding options.

While you’re able to limit when your ad shows for broad & phrase match searches (by specifying “negative keywords”), you just never know when your ad might ding up on a search that is totally unrelated to your company service or product, even if the searcher uses a keyword phrase you’re bidding on. That’s where this report comes in handy. The Search Query Performance report shows you information such as what keyword a user searched on when they clicked your ad, which ad showed up, and so forth:

Search Query Performance Report screen 1

The report also shows you general statistics that we always use to evaluate keywords in our client’s PPC campaigns. I think it’s important that this report includes this info so you can see if these keywords, which you aren’t necessarily bidding on, might qualify as being a performing keyword to include in your campaign (or might target a new negative keyword to use so your ad doesn’t show up for that search):

Search Query Performance Report screen 2

This new Search Query Performance Report tool is just an example of one of the many ways Amplify-Interactive truly helps clients get more bang for their buck.

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