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What is Day-Parting and Why Should I Care?
What days of the week does your pay-per-click usually receive more clicks then normal? What times of the day do clicks usually happen? If you have not attempted or simply do not know these answers, perhaps you’re throwing away the already too-small PPC budget you have.

There’s a way to analyze these data points and maximize your PPC ad spend – day-parting. Day-parting is an advanced PPC campaign management strategy whereby an analysis of your existing PPC campaign can identify the most effective times of day and days of the week for your campaign. By doing this and identifying the most “conversion-rich” days of the week and times of the day, you can then allocate more campaign dollars to those days & times in an effort to truly maximize ROI.

The day-part analysis alone can be very revealing – and no two campaigns are alike. For example, we’ve personally seen a B2B client campaign with higher conversions on weekends than during the week. How could this be? Perhaps those in the space are looking for resources during their off time… or maybe weekends result in less competition? We’ve also found that nearly every campaign has a certain day of the week or time of the day where performance is much higher than average and of course; there are days & times for every campaign where performance is downright dismal.

Even though effective day-parting can certainly help any campaign, big or small, it makes even more sense for campaigns with smaller click budgets to find the most effective day-parts, allocate budget accordingly, and maximize the return within these day-parts. While day-parting sounds complex, it can truly be the low-hanging fruit for campaign improvement, and ultimately it’s a lot easier and more straightforward for some than it is to test ad copy & offers, landing page design, etc.

The second part of this series will cover how to go about analyzing your campaign to find day-parting opportunities.

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