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This one goes out to all of those who are tasked with creating content, specifically those content creators that get some initiatives from their SEO vendor on search terms to write content around.

SEO Vendor and You

SEO vendor to you, the content creator: Our keyword target for this month is: “floor washer”. We need content with this keyword. Go!

What the heck are you supposed to write about “floor washing”?

We’re talking about washing. For a floor. How exciting can you really get with that?

Well… what would you say if I were to say, “Extremely exciting”?

Your face

Seriously! We can find some fun topics to write about for just about everything.

Shut The Front Door

OK, try me.

(Your Suggestion Here)

How (Your Suggestion Here) can help you survive a zombie apocalypse. (ok, the zombie thing is played out, I know)

(Your Other Suggestion Here)

Five reasons why (Your Other Suggestion Here) can help you win over Charlize Theron’s heart.

(Your Silly Suggestion That You Suggest Because You Want To See How Creative I Can Be)

Ok, ok, ok, you get the picture. Let me spell this out in plain language:

You can make any topic entertaining.

Your Grandma

Any topic, anytime, grandma. All you need to do is think outside the box a little. Put on your thinking cap and start thinking a little creatively. Go to your creative place –

Christian's creative placeIn no particular order: my wife, child, hockey, soccer, Indian food & unicorn

– and think about how your topic might relate to something people know, like, etc. You can seriously tie almost anything together with, well, anything.

Case in point: The Oatmeal. Just see a sampling of what he produces to see the crazy things he comes up with. While he’s not doing it necessarily for gain in search engine rankings, you can still get some ideas as to how loony his brain works to come up with ultra-creative stuff.

10 reasons it would rule to date a unicornHow does he come up with this stuff?!

People like entertaining. People like weird. Naturally, this means people love weird, entertaining content. But not everything needs to be entertaining; it can also be informative.

Kevin Rose's tweet

Kevin Rose is looking at something a different way. And people found that interesting.

A screenshot of the SEO Periodic Table

Hey, this is stuff I already know… but it’s presented in a cool and interesting way (great job with this, Search Engine Land!). SHARE SHARE SHARE

Let your mind wander when brainstorming topics to write about a certain subject. You can tie almost everything together in some way, shape or fashion.


Two bouncy ballsOk, maybe almost everything together…

So at the end of the day, you can make any topic fun or entertaining or even a little thought-provoking and informative. It’s all about how you shape it and present your content.

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