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I wanted to let our readers know that we’ve published a post over on Acquisio’s blog yesterday: “Google AdWords Announces New Mobile Ad Focus on Moments

Yesterday Google hosted their annual livestream where they shared new product innovations for advertisers to better enable us to capture “moments”. What are “moments”? Google recently released a study about “mobile moments that matter” (or here’s a video) highlighting the following:

91% of smartphone users now turn to their phones for ideas while right in the middle of a task. Google coined these types of tasks as “I wanna know”, “I wanna go” or I wanna buy” moments.

In these moments, users tend to be more loyal to their needs at these moments than they are to a particular brand. The premise is that marketers will win by prioritizing on these moments where immediacy and relevance count more than a brand name.

To help marketers to better capture these moments, AdWords is releasing new features:

  • New mobile-focused ad formats
  • Tools to help automate & scale everything in adwords
  • Measurement products to help advertisers measure the impact of their ads online, across apps , and in-store.

There’s a whole lot more in our post on Acquisio’s blog: Google AdWords Announces New Mobile Ad Focus on Moments

Check it out – what’s your reaction to the AdWords announcements?

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