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Passing the Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam

What’s the AdWords Fundamentals Exam?

You can’t become AdWords certified like a BUNCH of people at Add3 unless you pass a couple tests. The first test on the list – the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam – is the first certification required before taking any of the other AdWords test, such as the Advanced, Display, Shopping, and others. The Fundamentals test is really an introduction to Google AdWords overall and is designed to test your knowledge of on the functions of AdWords and the basic knowledge required to use it properly.  You really shouldn’t be managing AdWords campaigns unless you can pass the exam.

Fundamentals Exam Details

The test is a 120-minute 90-question exam and you need a score of 85% to pass. Yes you actually will have to study to pass. If you fail you have to wait a week before retaking it! The test is open note/open browser. Even though you can potentially access your notes you will not have time to look up every answer; you only have 120 minutes to answer 90 questions. 90 very specific questions. Once you answer a question, there’s no going back to recheck answers later.

Since this was my first time around – I did a lot of studying and took a lot of notes… and I made these Flashcards to help YOU with what you really need to know to pass the Fundamentals exam!

Study with Flashcards!

These are some sets of flashcards to study in preparation for the AdWords Fundamentals exam. They are by no mean 100% comprehensive, but they will help prepare you for the exam. The cards will be most helpful if you have already read the Fundamentals study guide since there’s no way to cover all the nuances of AdWords in a blog post!

I made these flash cards using a cool little free app called Quizlet

AdWords Key Terms & Formulas

AdWords: Accounts & Ads

A Little More Insight Into the Fundamentals Exam

According to Google, the fundamentals test “…covers the most basic aspects of AdWords and online advertising, including account management and the value of search advertising,” but in reality, it covers way more than that. Google does explicitly say the test is partially about account management, but they mean DETAILED account management. It is important to study what access you have to different functions within different levels of the account and My Client Center.

What You Really Need to Know

Though the Fundamentals study guide goes into really specific details in terms of the size of ads, number of words allowed in a specific line of a text ad, specific steps to follow to create campaigns or ad groups etc. you do NOT need to memorize these details (however, they are helpful to practice and know so you can be functionally proficient in AdWords). It is more important to study how AdWords works and what goes into creating a good ad (such as the text, what goes into choosing keywords, how to effectively use geo and language targeting, tools in AdWords to help improve performance, as well as how Ad Groups work and are organized).

Some More AdWords Fundamentals Resources

That’s it! Good luck studying; hopefully you’ll feel like this at the end.

Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam

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