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Welcome to the second edition of ‘According to…,’ a monthly post that offers insights and advice for various aspects of search engine marketing from different industry experts each month. I was fortunate to attend Bryan Eisenberg’s Conversion Tools of the Master Craftsman session at SES Chicago this past November. Bryan is an expert and pioneer in conversion optimization and when I reached out to him, he was extremely receptive and helpful. I really enjoyed our e-mail conversations and am excited to share all that I learned through our dialogue.

Bryan Eisenberg

Bryan Eisenberg is a prominent speaker in the online marketing industry and serves as an advisory board member for Search Engine Strategies and the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. Bryan is co-author of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today, and New York Times best selling books Call to Action, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark, and Always Be Testing. Bryan is relentless in his quest to share his knowledge and experience with fellow search engine marketers and has shared his top 5 conversion optimization tips below.

1. Know Your Audience Appeal

Hitting your searcher appeal is a critical element that will determine the effectiveness of your ad. What is an offer that will appeal to them and make them dig in more? How do you find that out? Appealing to searcher psychology is a great method to practice and is a great tactic to utilize when performing A/B testing. Take into consideration any role of gender in your ads and the use of vocabulary. How does it appeal to each gender? Understand your audience better and use language that appeals to them. Take the opportunity to discover if your audience responds better to vocabulary that is specific to your industry or more generalized. Testing these elements will enhance your understanding of your target audience, allowing you to achieve a higher CTR, leading to maximum conversion rate.

2. Killer Triggers!

Incorporate winning phrases and triggers from your ad copy into your landing pages. Landing pages should be consistent and reinforce the main message used in your ad. The presence of keywords and intent words on the landing page emphasizes to the user that they are at the right place. This also increases the relevancy of your ad, which leads to a higher quality score and a lower CPC. The design of the landing page should be simple and aesthetically pleasing and include a clear conversion point. Chaos and clutter on the landing page can overwhelm a user and minimizing distractions will help the user focus and convert.

3. Substantiation or Loop Closing

Loopholes and guarantees seem to have a large impact on search users. What are the loopholes that you can close that will encourage your audience to convert? The incorporation of special offers or core competencies that are unique to your company will instill confidence and reassurance to the user. Some examples are: “No Hassle Shipping,” “Free Whitepaper Download,” “Free Webinar,” “Custom Fit,” or “In-Stock.” The use of these phrases in your ad copy and landing pages will inspire users to convert.

4. Wordsmithing

Ask yourself, “What is the searcher REALLY looking to achieve?” Use unique language in your ad copy, experimenting with new ways to say things that are distinctive to your business. Fine-tune your ads by constantly tweaking your language and determining which value words are delivering the highest performance. Establish a process that will allow you to finesse those words ensuring they have maximum impact and can help increase the number of conversions per impression.

5. Know Who They Are NOT!

Create ad copy that helps you weed out people that are less likely to convert. If your ad contains information that is misleading, they may click to your site, but will depart prior to converting if they cannot find what they want. Insert specifics and experiment with formatting and your call to action to eliminate unwanted clicks. This will help narrow down your audience and create focus on your landing pages to get maximum results from your audience.

Conversion optimization is a recurrent process. There is no end. Create the habit of testing to develop a systematic approach to continuous improvement. Once you find a winner, keep finding new methods that optimize your conversion rate, campaigns, and website. Follow Bryan on Twitter for the freshest content in the search engine marketing industry.

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